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Explore the way of marketing and witness Gao Guangyao-- NetEase's wonderful appearance at the 30th China International Advertising Festival

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Shulou( Report--

From November 16 to 19, 2023, the 30th China International Advertising Festival, the most large-scale and influential event in China's advertising industry, was successfully held in Xiamen, Ludao. NetEase Media, as a mainstream media and exclusive strategic network partner, made a wonderful appearance at the Advertising Festival, and was invited to participate in many activities, such as summit forums, event awards and interactive exhibition areas, to create a unique NetEase media brand show. carry out all-round interaction with guests, discuss and exchange cutting-edge attitude marketing ideas with industry elites in various fields, explore innovative ways with industry celebrities, and foresee 2024!

Explore the new marketing field and witness the glory of brand

On the afternoon of November 18, the 2023 Advertising ceremony and NetEase Media attitude Marketing Summit was held grandly. This year's Advertising Festival, NetEase Media attitude Marketing Summit once again landed at the Advertising ceremony, which brought three chapters of keynote speeches: "Brand to New because of the League", "gathering the masses for Brand Co-creation" and "Building momentum for the Brand". Discuss and exchange with the advertising elite the new challenges, new opportunities, new developments and new trends of NetEase Media in the field of marketing, and share industry-leading insights and unique insights. Many senior leaders of NetEase attended the event and presented awards to industry leaders. NetEase Media, as an exclusive strategic partner, works with advertisers to promote brand attitude construction and brand marketing innovation, bringing countless outstanding brand leaders onto the stage of China International Advertising Festival and witnessing countless brand advertisers release the strongest voice in the festival.

Zhang Guohua, president of China Advertising Association, was invited to make an opening speech for the event.

Advertisers are the core driving force of advertising activities, without their participation, advertising activities can not be carried out. After a year of observation and evaluation, we have selected the best advertisers of the year, which is a recognition and encouragement for their great contribution. Thanks to the advertisers for their trust in the whole advertising ecology, and congratulations to today's winners. Hope that through our efforts, we will be able to build more products into brands, famous brands, with higher added value and popularity.

Mu Hong, president of Advertising Culture Group, delivered a speech for the event.

With the 40 years of reform and opening up in China, the brand communication model is undergoing profound changes, gradually changing from the mass media plus advertising model to the content ecosystem with brand IP as the core. As an industry platform, how to keep the gene, continue to optimize, carry out the thinking revolution, find ourselves and the future is our mission.

Our attitude is to help Chinese brands to be strong and let young people's dreams fly. This has two meanings: as an industry platform, we hope to gather industry strength and achieve Chinese brands; at the same time, we have gathered more than 1800 universities to host the China University students' Advertising Arts Festival Academy Award of the China Advertising Association. I hope to give full play to the creativity of young people and the wisdom of teachers to serve the enterprise.

Our slogan is "unite advertisers and become advertisers", emphasizing the relationship of mutual achievement, equality and mutual assistance. Advertisers and advertisers are comrades-in-arms and partners. We hope to build a joint base where Chinese advertisers need resources to contribute to the revitalization and development of Chinese brands.

Li Miao, vice president of NetEase Media, delivered a speech at the event.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the China Advertising Association and the 30th Advertising Festival! 2023 also coincides with the 10th anniversary of NetEase's attitude marketing concept of NetEase. At such a time point of connecting the past and the future, NetEase has three-dimensional expectations for the future. First of all, I hope that through NetEase's technical and scientific and technological capabilities, it will bring more empowerment to the marketing industry. Secondly, stick to NetEase's positioning and ability to do a good job in content, and continue to provide high-quality content services. Finally, create a platform for everyone to better connect, including technology, content, marketing, advertising, and so on. Through these efforts, NetEase hopes to better serve the broad masses of users and advertisers and promote the development of the whole industry.

Xiao Kun, vice president of Changrong Communication Group, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech at the event.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the advertisers, the protagonists of today's event. Since the establishment of Changrong Communication in 1995, it has been honored to be a trusted ally of hundreds of advertisers, growing together and sharing joy. Over the past 28 years, Changrong Media has always adhered to the heart of serving customers, taking "win-win, professional, breakthrough and innovation" as the core values, committed to intensive cultivation of the core business plate, and become an innovative practitioner in the field of digital marketing. meet the diversified marketing requirements of advertisers and integrate the whole chain communication service. Together with advertisers and colleagues in the industry, we have witnessed the miracle of super communication to achieve super brands.

Zhang Qian, marketing strategy researcher of NetEase Literature Travel Service.

Zhang Qian, a marketing strategy researcher of NetEase Literature Brigade, delivered a speech entitled "NetEase Literature Travel Co-creation and departure". NetEase Wenjun, as a new content brand established in 2023, focuses on the cultural travel scene, providing services for B-end and G-end business. Its core advantage is to make full use of the content ability and technical support of NetEase Group to enter the literary brigade track with the differential orientation of "content cultural brigade". It is committed to providing distinctive and differentiated communication and landing solutions for cities, scenic spots, industries and destinations, as well as unique resources, experience and integrated marketing services for corporate brands in other industries to participate in cultural travel scenes.

NetEase Media Marketing Strategy researcher Yuan Mingshuo

Yuan Mingshuo, a marketing strategy researcher of NetEase Media, shared the important measures of NetEase Media's hot marketing in 2024 under the title of "Super Heat Guide". The content focuses on four dimensions: gathering heat, wave-by-wave hot spot, common love, and co-building upsurge. Through the case study, Yuan Mingshuo stressed that hot marketing is the most cost-effective way of communication for brands, and hot spots are very important. As a content Internet company, NetEase Media has formed a complete hot marketing system through its sensitive hot tentacles and creative ability. Yuan Mingshuo introduced in detail NetEase Media's marketing strategies in different areas, including the offline activities of long Dad IP, sports marketing to help Olympic brands break the circle, NetEase's game IP to activate player value, and to create the focus of national attention through the IP conference. Finally, advertisers are cordially invited to carry out more dimensional marketing cooperation with NetEase Media, which is the peak of innovation.

NetEase Yuan Universe Marketing Strategy researcher Wang Zhe

The change of content and technology is an irreversible trend, and so is marketing. Wang Zhe, a marketing strategy researcher at NetEase Yuan Universe, delivered a speech entitled "content Hot AI, Infinite Evolution", emphasizing that globalization in the future is a digital war, and enterprises and brands need to rely on technological innovation to stand out. NetEase keeps abreast of the trend of the times and is committed to using new technologies, new content and new channels to help brands break through the limitations of time and space and find the ability to go through cycles and infinite evolution. In the AI + digital era, brands can first carry AIGC content and create "second life" by customizing digital assets such as virtual human and virtual scene. At the same time, combined with NetEase's rich IP ecology, the brand spread out of the circle quickly in the way of content co-creation. What's more, brand-new digital assets and innovative content can be applied to the brand's user management, sales experience, offline interaction and other full-link marketing links. You can't find a new world along the old map. In the future, NetEase will persist in being a good content lover and join hands with brands to evolve infinitely in one era after another.

In the annual person of the year award session of the advertisers' ceremony, a number of senior leaders of NetEase attended the event and awarded honors to the industry leaders. The purpose of this honorary event is to recognize the leaders in the advertising industry and affirm their outstanding contributions in the advertising industry. They not only have excellent performance in advertising creation and marketing strategy, but also promote the development of the brand and set an example for the industry. Their achievements and contributions will inspire the whole industry to move towards higher goals.

NetEase's senior management presented an honorary award to person of the year.

Won 19 case awards

NetEase sparkled the audience with advertisers.

The annual case honor list of advertisers was announced at the advertisers' grand ceremony on the 18th. NetEase Media helped the brand successfully win 19 case honorary awards, showing NetEase's extraordinary marketing strength, and was recognized by the industry's major awards. These excellent cases explain the true meaning of brand marketing, and innovate and change in the dimensions of strategy upgrading, content co-creation, ecological change and value reconstruction, which set a new example for the future development of the advertising media industry.

Help brand upgrade to promote steady growth

On November 17, the 30th China International Advertising Festival main Forum was successfully held in the B2 Lujiang Hall of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Brand resilience growth", this forum invited government leaders, industry bigwigs, industry scholars, well-known corporate executives and elites from all walks of life to participate. At the forum in the afternoon, Li Miao, vice president of NetEase Media, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "Co-Innovation cycle", which deeply expounded NetEase's views on promoting brand upgrading and promoting brand improvement.

Li Miao, Vice President of NetEase Media

We should pay attention to the new cycle that is coming, and strive to make real high-quality content become the core competitive barrier of the new era. In the new cycle, the content that integrates advanced technological elements, is interesting, and can deeply touch the hearts of consumers is the good content with important marketing value and significance.

The upgrading of marketing strategy in the era of popular dividend

On the afternoon of November 17, the 30th China International Advertising Festival Brand Innovation Forum and Advertising partner ceremony kicked off in Hall C4 of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Xie Hua, a researcher of NetEase's media strategy, delivered a speech with the theme of "content creation, starting from the heart", showing you NetEase's new attempts and new ways of playing in content upgrading. Through the introduction of practical cases in many fields, such as NetEase News, NetEase Literature Travel, NetEYun Music, NetEase Games and so on, it provides innovative ideas for brand marketing and empowers brand value.

Xie Hua, media strategy researcher of NetEase

In this new cycle, the popular dividend has replaced the demographic dividend, and people are looking for a new place in the content world. NetEase keenly grasped this change, starting from the "heart", paying attention to the control of the user's heart, in order to resist the loss of the current demographic dividend. Through full-link marketing, we can gain an in-depth understanding of the inner activities of users at each stage, and make users become long-term partners for content creation.

In addition, NetEase also cooperates with more brands to prolong the life cycle of content and continue to create a good content atmosphere. NetEase firmly believes that only by upgrading content consumption to counter the degradation of material consumption can we cross this cycle and achieve sustainable development.

Evolve the content cycle to expand the field of marketing

On the evening of November 17, on the night of the advertising partner of the 30th China International Advertising Festival, Bai Hongjie, North China Planning Director of NetEase Media Marketing Management Center, delivered a speech with the theme "cycle begins again, but evolution does not stop". She shared NetEase's views on innovation and expounded NetEase's co-creation ideas and marketing strategy layout in the content era.

Bai Hongjie, North China Planning Director of NetEase Media Marketing Management Center

After more than 20 years of economic take-off in China, Chinese brand marketing is now facing a new cycle, the global economy is declining and the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing. NetEase Media, as a high-quality content brand with 26 years of Internet development and continuous self-evolution, relies on years of content layout and meticulous management, with a new perspective of content players, always adhere to the use of differentiated high-quality content to explore the infinite possibility of co-innovation cycle with the brand. In the future, NetEase Media will continue to achieve unlimited expansion and innovation in the brand marketing field, and win the content marketing war in the era of co-creation.

PICK player setting

Virtual IP interactively detonated the whole audience.

During the Advertising Festival, NetEase's exclusive exhibition area set up the "PICK your Advertising Festival player setting" activity. The application of AIGC technology allows visitors to have the opportunity to randomly capture and generate their own player settings, fun play + cool technology double drive, this innovative interactive form makes visitors linger. The design of the exhibition area is original, which perfectly combines the brand characteristics with the theme of the exhibition, attracting the attention of countless visitors. The booth is crowded and full, and visitors stop to take photos and become the focus of the audience.

The 30th China International Advertising Festival is not only a grand event in the industry, but also a feast of marketing innovation, let us see the vigorous development and innovative power of China's advertising industry. NetEase Media, as a leading Internet company in China, actively participates in it, showing its leading strength and innovative ideas in the field of digital marketing. With the continuous development of Internet technology and the change of market consumer demand, NetEase Media will continue to innovate marketing models and methodologies to help advertisers gain advantages in the increasingly fierce market competition and make more brilliant achievements in the future and in the industry.

In the future, NetEase Media looks forward to working with more partners to open up new market territory, promote new value growth, and jointly foresee 2024 new opportunities!

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