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Smart lock industry and then spread the good news! Cadiz and SUNING Retail Cloud have reached strategic cooperation!

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, SUNING retail Yun-Cadiz factory tour society was solemnly held in Shenzhen. SUNING Retail Cloud senior team visited Kaadas Cadiz headquarters in Shenzhen and had in-depth exchanges with KA distributors across the country, and the two sides jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

At the SUNING Retail Cloud-Cadiz Factory Tour Society, SUNING Retail Cloud team visited the Cadis Wisdom Exhibition Hall and further enhanced the understanding of the operation of the Cadis intelligent lock industry chain under the introduction of the Cadis staff. At the conference on the launch of strategic cooperation, leaders of the two sides spoke one after another and made detailed communication and discussions on the cooperation plans of the two sides.

Since its establishment in 2017, SUNING Retail Cloud, as an important carrier for SUNING's retail service provider strategy to take root in the sinking market, has joined hands with 1800 + mainstream brands and tens of thousands of franchisees to establish a physical sales network covering tens of thousands of townships and townships. With the innovative model of "supply chain + stores + social e-commerce", we will strengthen industrial integration and improve efficiency. As the first choice to promote the intelligent lock track in the SUNING retail cloud trend category, Kadiz works hand in hand with SUNING retail cloud to continuously strengthen local management under the opportunity of current consumption upgrading and channel sinking development. continue to explore new opportunities for county growth.

It is understood that Cadis has been promoted as a SUNING retail cloud trend brand since April 2023, and has completed more than 1000 stores in SUNING retail cloud channel. As a leader in the intelligent lock industry, Cadiz will continue to strengthen its brand advantage.

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