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League of Legends's "New Hero" version 13.24 comes online: locate the single mage in the middle, with 10 skills.

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Thanks to netizens who are worried about falling snow and Daniel Wu's clue delivery in South China! According to on November 21, "League of Legends's New Hero" will be launched in version 13.24, and the official promotional video and skills information have now been released.

According to reports, he is a Zhong Dan mage who paints with endless creativity in his head. However, he painted images out of thin air instead of canvas, which moved all the viewers.

Coach's skill group highlights a variety that can help you deal with any problems that arise in the canyon. He has a total of 10 skills: three sets of spells, each containing three skills, plus a big trick. It allows him to help teammates, improve himself, and solve enemies.

Officials say it has been a long time since the hero team worked so hard to design a hero. The colorful and changeable skill groups will certainly bring a brand-new middle showdown performance and bring new scenery to the whole game.

The following picture shows the skills of Huang. For a detailed introduction, please see League of Legends's official website.

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