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He Xiaopeng: completely self-driving still can not see the complete logic, may need to find another way

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery! According to news on November 21, Xiaopeng Chairman he Xiaopeng said on Weibo tonight, "A clear road map can be seen by high-level autopilot or by someone who is fully self-driving, but there is no complete logic in completely self-driving. I even think it may be necessary to find another way."

He Xiaopeng's Weibo post forwarded a report of the resignation of Kyle Vogt, chief executive of Cruise. Vogt did not give any explanation for his resignation, but he referred to an accident that led to a suspension of self-driving car business and a safety review.

On the evening of October 2, a woman in San Francisco was slammed by a car and fell in front of a Cruise driverless taxi. Although the Cruise driverless taxi braked in time, it then tried to pull over, causing a second run over the woman and dragging her for about 6 meters, making her more seriously injured. On Oct. 25, the California Motor vehicle Administration suspended the license for Cruise self-driving taxis. On Nov. 7, Cruise announced a recall of 950 driverless cars across the United States, with more likely to follow. noted that Xiaopeng XNGP's first batch of urban navigation aids without high-precision maps have started public trials, and XNGP urban smart drivers using the light map scheme will not be limited to the scope of use and updating time limit of high-precision maps. This function is not restricted by the city. After turning on the AI driving function, users can set the starting point and end point across the country, and then form a memory map after manual driving once. After choosing the travel route, you can use the "AI driving" function to achieve a single route / specific scene of the city navigation-assisted driving.

Prior to this, Xiaopeng Motor has announced that XNGP city navigation-assisted driving covers 25 cities in November and 50 cities by the end of December. He Xiaopengli said that the challenge is to achieve full coverage of XNGP in the national road network of major cities (including grade 1-4 roads) by 2024.

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