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It's convenient to spray gently: Vader's liquid band-aid costs 9.9 yuan at half price (50 cotton swabs).

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Shulou( Report--

The official price of Vader liquid band-aid 10ml is 19.9 yuan. Today's store can get a 10 yuan impulse coupon for 9.9 yuan plus 50 Vader cotton swabs (worth about 3 yuan).

It is convenient to spray gently, breathable and waterproof after forming the film and fall off naturally in 48 hours:

Tmall Weide liquid band-aid 10ml gift cotton swabs 50 coupons after receiving 10 yuan coupons official flagship store with the same 10ml promotion price of 17.9 yuan today, and no freebies: click here to see.

The offline price of this kind of competitive products is not cheap, friends can use takeout App to search the nearby brands of "10ml version of liquid band-aid" prices.

Executive standard number: Su machine registration 20172141373.

Tmall Weide liquid band-aid 10ml gives you 50 cotton swabs and gets a 10-yuan coupon for 9.9 yuan

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