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In response to Apple's AirPods Max, Gurman said Sonos will launch new headsets as soon as March next year.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 22 (Xinhua)-- US audio brand Sonos not only plans to launch a professional headset, but also plans to launch a streaming set-top box device next year, according to Bloomberg Mark Goolman.

Goolman said the headset, codenamed "Duke", will be released as early as March next year and will compete with high-end products from Apple's AirPods Max, Sony and Bose after its launch.

The headset will be available in black and white, can be synchronized with existing Sonos devices and supports voice navigation, and the company plans to price it between $400 and $500 ( Note: currently about 2868 to 3585 yuan).

Gurman said the company is also considering TWS headphones similar to AirPods, as well as new ear amplifiers and ceiling speakers for professional users, as well as high-end TV bar speakers, new subwoofers, updates to portable Roam speakers and corporate Era 100speaker versions. also learned from Gurman's newsletter that Sonos plans to enter the TV set-top box by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

The first set-top box device, internally codenamed "Pinewood", can play videos on TV and serve as a central hub for customers' other Sonos devices. The product will operate similar to existing set-top boxes, providing its own operating system (based on Android) and a user interface that can display different applications.

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