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Microsoft upgrades Office applications on Win11 to bring a new handwriting experience

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Shulou( Report-- November 22, Microsoft recently issued a press release inviting Office Insider project members using Win11 to test new handwriting features on Word, OneNote and PowerPoint.

Microsoft launched KB5031455 updates to Win11 22H2 in late October, including a much-anticipated feature that allows Windows 11 users to use Windows Ink handwriting in any input box and other places where text is needed. In this update, Microsoft extends it to Office applications.

In addition to entering text, users can also use a variety of new gestures to edit notes. You can select, replace, and delete text, add new lines, split and join words, and create bulleted or numbered lists.

If you often use a Surface stylus or other stylus, new gestures will make it easier to work with documents, notebooks, and presentations.

Since the tool is a public preview version, there are still some limitations. The attached list for is as follows:

If the input language recognition is not supported, the Ink to text Pen tool on the drawing tab is grayed out.

In PowerPoint, the Ink to text Pen tool always inserts the recognized text into the active shape or text box.

In PowerPoint, the Ink to text Pen tool sometimes does not automatically format bulleted or numbered lines.

In Word, the Ink to text Pen tool cannot be used after opening the left and right page view.

The new preview version of Office only supports American English by default, and users can download KB5031455 to get additional languages.

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