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Google resumes plans to phase out Manifest V2 expansion in June 2024 in Chrome browsers

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Thanks to netizens Coje_He and Baa Yang for the clue delivery!, November 22 (Xinhua)-- Google announced last fall that its Chrome browser will gradually reduce its support for Manifest V2 extensions starting in 2023, with the goal of phasing out V2 and migrating to V3.

Due to the elimination of the Manifest V2 extension, it has seriously affected a number of mainstream extension programs such as Advertising blockers, which has been strongly opposed by developers and users. previously reported that Google was under pressure to shelve the plan and postpone the migration to Manifest V3. David Li, Google's product manager, said Google plans to disable the Manifest V2 extension in the Chrome stable release as soon as June 2024.

This means that Chrome 127 or later versions of Canary, Dev and Beta channels will take effect first, users will disable previously installed Manifest V2 extensions, and users will not be able to install any Manifest V2 extensions from the Chrome online app store.

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