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China is developing a "flying carpet" satellite, which will be used to support the broadband communication needs of mobile directly connected satellites in the future.

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Thanks to netizen grass Luo Yuzi for the clue delivery! November 22 news, Galaxy Aerospace is a satellite Internet solution provider and satellite manufacturer in China, is the first unicorn company in China's commercial aerospace field, the main business involves communication load, core stand-alone, satellite platform independent research and development and low-cost mass production.

According to China News Service and other media reports, Galaxy Aerospace Corporation is developing a new generation of communication satellites, which will be used to support broadband communication needs of future mobile phone direct satellite.

According to introduction, this kind of satellite shape is similar to "space flying carpet," there are both antenna that can communicate on the plane, but also can convert solar energy into satellite energy solar sheet, is a phased array antenna and solar wing integration communication satellite, its key technology is called "wing array integration."

According to Science and Technology Daily, Galaxy Aerospace has completed the key technologies for the two-dimensional deployment of the "wing-array integration" satellite. In the future, it will accelerate the key core technologies such as phased array antenna, on-board large energy and digital processing load. query found that Galaxy Aerospace Lingxi 03 satellite was successfully launched by Long March 2D launch vehicle at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 10:50 on July 23,2023. The satellite successfully entered the scheduled orbit and the launch mission was a complete success.

In October this year, Galaxy Aerospace successfully realized China's first terminal to terminal (T2T) low-orbit satellite communication test on Lingxi 03 satellite.

According to introduction, this terminal-to-terminal LEO satellite communication test refers to the communication between satellite ground terminals directly through the switching equipment on the satellite, without data transfer through the ground gateway station. In this mode, the communication delay can be reduced by 50% due to the omission of the link of the gateway station relay, and the flexibility and availability of the whole system are also improved.

Galaxy Aerospace introduced that Galaxy Aerospace Lingxi 03 was independently developed by Galaxy Aerospace Company. The satellite is equipped with millimeter wave multi-beam digital payload with capacity of tens of gigabits per second. It is used to verify the next generation of low-orbit broadband satellite communication and technologies such as ultra-large energy, active thermal control, industrial integrated forming structure, multi-star stack compression release, etc. This is also the first time that China has verified multi-star stack launch technology in orbit. It will provide technical support for the rapid deployment of China's giant LEO communication constellation.

▲ Galaxy Aerospace Consonance 03 star stack compression state, the source of the Galaxy Aerospace Public is worth paying attention to, this satellite is China's first satellite using flexible solar wings. The "flexible wings" are very thin, with a single flexible solar panel thickness of only about 1 mm. They can be folded like ancient "memorials." When installed in rockets, they are folded, and the thickness of the main body is only less than 5 cm; when working in orbit, the "wings" are about 9 meters long and more than 2.5 meters wide.

Galaxy Aerospace said that this kind of "flexible wing" has the characteristics of small envelope, light weight, modularization, etc., which is easier to store, has a larger area under the same mass, can absorb more solar energy, is suitable for satellite mass stack launch, and has important significance for accelerating satellite Internet construction.

▲ Galaxy Aerospace Consonance 03 Star Flexible Solar Wing Deployment State, Photo Source Galaxy Aerospace Public

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