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Eating meat in big mouthfuls is refreshing! Zhoujiakou stewed beef 10 yuan / bag for a long time illegal departure ( 20 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Zhoujiakou Food flagship Store]

Zhoujiakou signature beef 100g daily price 29.9 yuan, today once again open impulse rush, place an order for 4 pieces, send 1 piece, a discount of 5.74 yuan, get a 17 yuan coupon, to the hand price of 51.6 yuan 5 bags, equivalent to only 10.32 yuan per bag

If you feel too much, you can place an order for one piece to taste fresh, and the hand price is 12.9 yuan per bag.

Tmall Zhoujiakou cooked beef order 4, send a coupon for 51.66 yuan 17 yuan coupon self-operated 500g daily 99 yuan, equivalent to 100g about 20 yuan: click to view.

The signature beef stew is very soft and rotten, which is very suitable for children and elders.

Zhoujiakou is not only a brand of Henan Wanguo Orchard, but also a famous trademark brand of Henan Province.

The stewed beef in this sauce is his signature beef, which is low in fat, mellow and cut into pieces.

About 550 g of cooked beef can be produced from 1000 g raw beef, accounting for only 55%.

Can be ready to eat, can also be sliced, stir-fried vegetables, independent vacuum bag packaging, easy to carry.

Production license No.: SC10741162300025

Product standard number: GB / T23586

Henan Zhoujiakou Food Co., Ltd.

List of ingredients: beef, water salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, soybean protein isolate

Shelf life: 365 days

Tmall Zhoujiakou deli beef orders 4 pieces, send a coupon after 51.66 yuan to get 17 yuan coupon

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