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Ali denies cutting 25000 jobs: the group has called the police to investigate the responsibility of rumor mongers.

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Shulou( Report-- November 22 news, Ali Group partner, chief talent officer Jiang Fang today posted on the Ali intranet, in response to Ma Yun's office holdings reduction and the so-called "layoffs of 25000 people."

The rumor that Alibaba is going to lay off 25000 people: this rumor has spread in the past two days, and it has also made up the storyline of how we go to the social department to apply for approval. The group has called the police to investigate the responsibility of the rumor mongers. I hope to see the rumor mongers take responsibility earlier.

I don't think this is the first time I've come to the intranet to dispel rumors, and chances are that it won't be the last. The company started up to today, and the company has experienced ups and downs these years, we have no shortage of rumors, the important thing is that every time we always use faith to defeat rumors.

We have gone from negation, questioning and even rumors to today, believing that believing, believing in the future, and believing in ourselves are our strength in the face of all the storms. Facing the future, facing the tide of science and technology, facing the endless innovation, we still have a lot of very important things to do, let's cheer together!

It is worth noting that Cai Chongxin, chairman of Alibaba Group, also replied in the post, "I have been in the company for almost 25 years. From the beginning to the present, Ali has been facing all kinds of doubts and challenges." but we, as always, have overcome one difficulty after another in questioning and challenges. Because Ali's gene is to believe that the future will be better. "

In fact, this is not the first time rumors of layoffs have been spread about Alibaba and his business. noted that Alibaba Group refuted rumors of layoffs at the end of May, and over the past two months, some bloggers who have created or retweeted rumors of "major layoffs" on social media have also issued clarifications and apologies, and called on other retweets and self-media to take the initiative to delete relevant content and jointly maintain clear cyberspace.

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