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Wan Biao, chairman of Glory, responded to the rumors of leaving, saying that he was still working in the company.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 22, after the divestiture from Huawei, the news about Glory's listing has never stopped. Recently, it has been reported that Wan Biao, chairman of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., has resigned, while Wu Hui, former chairman of Shenzhen Water Affairs (Group) Co., Ltd., joined Glory Terminal Co., Ltd. last month or will take up the post of chairman.

With regard to the news of "leaving", Wan Biao today responded to China Finance and Economics that he was still working in the company, but did not give a clear response to whether his position had changed.

In addition, China Finance learned from a number of dealers and Glory insiders that Glory is indeed promoting the listing process, but in several internal meetings before October this year, the information revealed is that the listing will not be backdoor. noted that Interface News also reported the day before yesterday that Wu Hui, former chairman of Shenzhen Water Affairs (Group) Co., Ltd., joined Glory Terminal Co., Ltd. last month and may become chairman of the board. Another senior official of the state-owned assets management company in Shenzhen revealed that one of Wu Hui's main tasks in Glory is to promote the listing process of the company.

However, Shenzhen SASAC Enterprise leadership Management Office responded that "I do not know the specific situation", while Glory did not respond for the time being. The report also said that as Glory has not yet carried out share reform, according to the regulations of the Securities Regulatory Commission, it will take several years to formally follow the IPO process, so Glory plans to be listed in a backdoor listing.

According to Glory employees, Glory's listing plan will be further delayed. The previous statement on the staff meeting and channel side of Glory is that Glory will be listed in 2025 or in Q3 at the latest.

For the "Glory Terminal may be backdoor Tianyin Holdings listing" news, Tianyin Holdings issued a clarification announcement, saying that the description is not consistent with the facts. As the indirect shareholder of Glory Terminal, Tianyin Communication Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, holds 19.36% of the equity of Shenzhen Star Alliance Information Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership), the shareholder of Glory Terminal.

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"it is reported that Wu Hui, former chairman of Shenzhen Water Group, joined Glory: he is expected to become chairman and promote the listing process."

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