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Fog-free natural evaporation: millet home fog-free humidifier 3 (400) 379yuan

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Xiaomi home fog-free humidifier 3 (400) went on sale on August 22 with an initial launch of 399 yuan. can get a 20 yuan coupon today and the hand price is 379 yuan. Xiaomi home fog humidifier 3 (400) coupon after 379 yuan 20 yuan coupon for the first year only change without repair service.

The humidification amount of Mijia fog-free humidifier 3 (400) is 400mL / h, and the noise in sleep mode is 32dB (A). The top is equipped with a smart screen, which can show the change of humidity.

Mijia fog-free humidifier 3 (400) is equipped with a 4L large water tank, which can meet the humidity demand of 19 hours. As for the filter element, this humidifier uses a suspended filter element to stop humidification and automatically air-dry, while the water tank is immersed in a silver ion module.

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