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Catering flagship Hongmeng sails, McDonald's China launches Hongmeng native application development

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On December 6, McDonald's China and Huawei reached a Hongmeng cooperation agreement, officially announcing that McDonald's China App will launch Hongmeng native application development based on HarmonyOS NEXT. McDonald's China, which has more than 5500 restaurants in the Chinese market, has more than 200000 employees and serves more than a billion customers every year, has officially become one of the first large multinational restaurant chains around the world to launch the development of Hongmeng's native applications.

McDonald's has global brand awareness and public affinity, and the Chinese market has become McDonald's second largest market in the world, and has established its own media matrix and membership platform to meet the individual ordering needs of customers. This time, McDonald's China App officially announced the launch of Hongmeng native application development, which not only shows its efficient development ideas of actively expanding business sectors and channels, but also means that Hongmeng Ecology has made a major breakthrough in the catering field and will comprehensively upgrade users' mobile experience.

Chen Shihong, chief information officer of McDonald's China, said: "McDonald's China is rooted in the local market, seizing the rapidly changing Chinese market opportunities to accelerate growth, digital empowerment has opened up a new fast lane for us to develop. We are also committed to constantly optimizing the dining experience of our customers. The extensive user base of Hongmeng system will not only bring convenient application experience to McDonald's customers in China, but also enable customized services and information to run through consumers' journey through richer distribution channels, shortening consumers' application path and promoting business growth. "

Wang Yue, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Service developer Services and platforms, said: "McDonald's China's launch of Hongmeng native application development is another important breakthrough for Hongmeng ecological development in the catering industry." it is expected that in the Hongmeng ecology of the whole scene, McDonald's will continue to enrich the user experience and achieve greater success in China. "

In 2021, McDonald's China completed the deep integration of the online membership platform, enabling this "flagship platform" with millions of orders per day to provide members with smoother and more efficient digital services. Today, McDonald's China platform digital membership ecologically covers applications such as APP, Mini Program, third-party platforms and e-commerce platforms, with more than 260 million registered members and more than 90 per cent of digital channel order business. McDonald's App has accumulated more than 100 million downloads since its launch and has maintained a 4.9 score on the relevant app mall platform for a long time. At the same time, through systematic data precipitation and analysis, the technical team can gain insight into consumer trends, so that McDonald's China can accurately grasp the hearts of consumers in an era of rapid change, and make digitization a strong engine driving rapid development. Based on stronger native intelligence and AI technology capabilities, HarmonyOS system will fully help McDonald's bring customized "personalized service" to customers according to different scenarios. At the same time, through the distributed technology of HarmonyOS NEXT, McDonald's will also obtain more multi-terminal device distribution capabilities under the HarmonyOS system, so that users can enjoy a more convenient experience of ordering and picking up meals in mobile phones, cars, tablets and other use scenarios.

On September 25, Huawei officially announced that the new HarmonyOS NEXT was ready to launch and Hongmeng native applications were fully launched. under this trend, leading enterprises in various industries have started the development of Hongmeng native applications. The McDonald's cooperation represents a major addition to the catering industry, and the scene of "Hongmeng Qianfan" has been formed. Industry leaders are working with Hongmeng to open up the take-off of native application ecology and share new business opportunities.

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