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The Asustek DUAL RTX 4060Ti SSD graphics card with M.2 slot is now on the shelves, 3459 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! November 22 news, Asustek showed a RTX 4060 Ti concept graphics card in July this year, which can install an M.2 SSD. Now, this graphics card has been officially announced on the market.

Asustek DUAL Snow Leopard GeForce RTX 4060Ti O8G-SSD graphics card has been put on the Mall platform, double fans, 2.5 slot thickness, scalable M.2 SSD, the new product initial price of 3459 yuan.

The Asustek Dual GeForce RTX 4060Ti SSD graphics card has tight gaming performance and is beautifully integrated with new features: the back of the card is equipped with a Pcle 4.0 * 8 M.2 slot, a high-performance NVMe solid state drive with M.2 2280 specification can be installed, and it is compatible with PCIe 5.0.

This graphics card has a specially designed cover heat sink and heat pipe layout, which allows two axial flow fans to be ventilated by the side panels of the housing and provides heat dissipation performance commensurate with the size of the graphics card.

In addition, it is equipped with a reinforced backplane and a double ball bearing fan, which will perform a fan stop mode when the GPU temperature is below 55 ℃ and the power consumption is low, to reduce unnecessary noise.

As previously reported by, you can even connect a high-performance graphics card or data acquisition card to this RTX 4060Ti graphics card via the M.2 to PCIe cable. Asustek (ASUS) DUAL GeForce RTX4060Ti O8G SSD expandable M.2 e-sports game graphics card 3888 yuan direct link

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