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Cherry launches KC 200MX mechanical keyboard: MX2A shaft, $89.99

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen South China Wu Yanzu for the clue delivery! November 22 news, CHERRY announced the launch of a new KC 200 MX keyboard, the appearance is quite low-key.

This keyboard is currently on Amazon, offering MX2A silent red axis and MX2A tea axis options, priced at $89.99 ( notes: currently about 643 yuan), Jingdong also has third-party stores, priced at 735 yuan.

This is the first keyboard to feature Cherry's latest MX2A axis, which does not support RGB lighting and has no dials or knobs. The keyboard uses a 108-key layout, but there are shortcut keys such as calculators at the top of the keypad.

In addition to this, the KC 200 MX is equipped with a non-slip base, anti-ghost and full-key collision free, 1 millisecond response time, user customization of Fn keys and shortcut keys through Cherry Keys software, and compatibility with Palmrest Ergo.

In August, Cherry released a new generation of MX standard size shafts, the MX2A, which claims to provide smoother key travel, improved acoustics and more pleasant typing sounds. At the same time, the MX2A shaft also guarantees a key life of more than 100 million times (50 million times for the green shaft).

The MX2A product line will include standard size shafts including red shaft, tea shaft, black shaft, silver shaft, silent red shaft, etc. and their respective RGB versions. The green shaft and its RGB versions will maintain the CLICK button sound and feel without factory lubrication and barrel spring.

In addition, MX2A adopts innovative spring design, from cylindrical shape to barrel shape gradually thickening from both ends to the middle, thus realizing almost no contact between coils during spring pressing, which can effectively reduce deformation and scratch of spring in long-term use.

At the same time, there is a unique upgrade inside the axis. Several rib "crowns" can limit the position of the spring in the axis, ensure more accurate and consistent feel and sound, reduce the grainy feeling during the key pressing process, and improve the smoothness of the key.

▲ Rib structure with fixed spring added The new CHERRY MX2A shaft body adopts a new improved guide rail system, and the guide rail surfaces on the bottom cover and upper cover are polished with diamond to improve the smoothness of the key stroke.

Like all MX shafts, the MX2A shaft continues to feature unmatched gold cross contact technology, an industry-leading technology that guarantees precise, reliable and sensitive key triggering and less than 1 millisecond debounce time.

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