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Huawei mobile phone users must travel abroad in winter, and the Petal Maps outbound experience will be upgraded again.

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I wonder if you have noticed recently that the entry and exit process has been simplified again! According to the announcement issued by the General Administration of Customs, starting from November 1, 2023, entry and exit personnel will be exempted from filling in the "exit / entry Health Declaration Card of the people's Republic of China", which will make it more convenient for everyone to enter and leave the country. Can't you resist the urge to travel?

It is very difficult to understand the language of overseas tourism and do not know the way, but if you use Huawei's Petal Maps 4.0 upgraded overseas, its powerful outbound strategy, overseas navigation, hot list and other functions can perfectly solve all kinds of overseas travel problems before, during and after your trip.

If you look at it in advance, it is more comfortable to travel abroad.

To prepare for an overseas trip, you should not only make various tourism strategies, but also understand the destination's exit policy and visa policy, as well as local customs and customs. If you don't pay attention to it, mistakes will affect the good mood of the trip. Now after the Petal Maps upgrade, you can learn all kinds of travel information directly in the "safe Travel" section before leaving the country. For example, if you search for a destination such as "Singapore", click on the details card to see it. Before departure, if you want to know about Singapore's immigration policy, you can check it if you find the card of the immigration policy in the "peace of mind" section. If you do not want to refuse a visa during the visa preparation period, you can also click on the visa preparation card of the peace of mind section to learn all kinds of information. At the same time, you can also make booking and visa processing of machine wine directly on this, and you can also learn about local customs, safety notes, etc., and the upgraded Petal Maps can provide you with efficient and convenient pre-departure help.

With the appearance of Chinese cultural interface, outbound travel is not lost.

People do not understand the language abroad, if you use a strange navigation map, it will be easier to find the north. Petal Maps supports Chinese interface and navigation broadcast, and there will be no obstacles after leaving the country, so it is more familiar with it. When you navigate to your destination with Petal Maps, you can also see which restaurants are delicious around you and which minority scenic spots are nearby. The recommendations of scenic spots and restaurants are in Chinese. At the same time, you can also see the real ratings and comments of the locals, and clearly understand the local characteristics and reputation, which is equivalent to hiring a local Chinese tour guide. Enter the destination in the Petal Maps navigation search interface, you can get driving, bus, subway and other local taxi services, saving time and worry.

Super complete recommended strategy, happy shopping abroad, food and accommodation

In the face of a wide variety of popular destinations, how to finalize the daily eating, drinking and playing? What scenic spots do you see? Are there any online celebrity restaurants worth clocking in? Don't worry, Petal Maps, a clever map assistant, can recommend a local authentic itinerary for you.

When you arrive at the tourist city or move the map to the tourist city and area, you can see the must-visit popular attractions, must-eat restaurants and must-stay hotels on the Petal Maps exploration page. In the list, you can make decisions based on local recommendations and numerous tourist reviews; if you want to take a four-day and three-night outbound trip, you can make the best itinerary through the recommendations of the Petal Maps local guide, and various travel strategies can be easily handled. At present, the Petal Maps list has covered Hong Kong and Macao, Kuala Lumpur, Lankawi, Penang, and other popular destination cities and regions.

If you are a Buddhist travel enthusiast and do not like to make various strategies before departure, Petal Maps can also help you. No matter where you are after leaving the country, Petal Maps will give local recommendations to nearby services according to your location, and follow Petal Maps to experience a free outbound travel experience.

During the period from November 16 to November 29, Petal Maps also offers global hotel offers in conjunction with its partners. Click on the Petal Maps home search box [Global Hotel booking 30% discount cap] to reach the event page and enjoy the reservation discount.

At present, Petal Maps has covered more than 160 overseas countries and regions, providing users with more comprehensive and convenient outbound travel services. With the upgrade of version 4.0, Petal Maps will make outbound travel easier and easier through more detailed improvements. After connecting to the overseas network (or Tiantong network), you can enter the application market to search for "Petal Maps" to download.

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