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Which household central air conditioner is chosen by families with children? Panasonic Home Multi-connection S Series meets all my needs

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Shulou( Report--

I don't know what aspects you mainly look at when choosing home central air conditioning. Because we have two children in our family, when I choose a central air conditioner for my home, I will especially consider it from the perspective of the children. For example, my eldest son is easily woken up by sound, so I will focus on the noise of home central air conditioning. And friends who have children know that we all care about environmental hygiene and cleanliness, so I will also pay attention to this aspect. Some friends may ask, can you really find a home central air conditioner that meets so many requirements? I am happy to say that my Panasonic home multi-connected S series is such a home central air conditioner.

Home central air conditioning which is good? Panasonic home multi-connected S series efficient and considerate

When I was doing my homework, I found that the noise of the home central air conditioner was relatively low below 30 decibels, but my Panasonic home multi-series S series running noise was only 21dB (A)* Φ, which was lower than the volume of whispering. When I turned on the air conditioner at night, I could hardly hear it. When we slept in our old house, my son would wake up to the sound of the air conditioner running, but after moving to our new house, this never happened again.

Of course, no matter how many requirements are required, we cannot forget the most basic cooling and heating effect of household central air conditioning. Panasonic household multi-connected S series is equipped with Panasonic original full DC inverter compressor, which can quickly reach the set ideal temperature through high-speed operation, and then enter low-speed operation state, so that the indoor temperature is maintained near the ideal temperature, cooling and heating are very fast and uniform. And what surprised people was that its body comfort was particularly high. Take winter heating for example, it was not the feeling of heat, but the feeling of being surrounded by warmth from feet to heart.

Home central air conditioning which is good? Panasonic home multi-connected S series indoor units create a comfortable breathing environment

I have a child at home, I have high requirements for indoor environment, specially for this Panasonic home multi-connected S series equipped with nanoeX *² technology indoor unit, this also makes me very excited. This technology can inhibit bacteria and remove odors, deeply clean indoor air, and PM2.5 filters and primary filters help filter PM2.5 and other particulate pollutants in the air, creating a more reassuring environment for children. Our second treasure is only 8 months old, resistance is still relatively weak, I am particularly worried about the air-conditioning when the closed environment is easy to produce bacteria, with this technology, completely can rest assured to let the child play happily.

Coupled with dehumidification function, especially suitable for southern families, plum rain season can also keep the home clean, so that children have been in a comfortable and pleasant living environment, we do parents are more assured.

Not only that, the body thickness of the indoor unit is only 200mm, which is not limited by the installation space and can be matched with various decoration styles. And it also has a variety of different models, more selective.

I think most families with children have similar requirements and ideas when choosing home central air conditioning. We all want to create a comfortable, comfortable and comfortable environment for our children as much as possible, and Panasonic's home multi-connected S series fits our expectations very well. If you happen to be choosing a home central air conditioner recently, you may wish to focus on Panasonic, which has other products, and I believe you will find the one that suits you.

* † Noise level of VRF indoor unit 21dB (A) is noise level of 1HP and below

*²nanoe is a trademark of Matsushita Holdings Co., Ltd.

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