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Pony Zhixing approved to start L4 self-driving truck formation driving test in Guangzhou

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news on November 22, learned from the pony official account that the pony recently won the first self-driving truck formation driving test license in Guangzhou and was allowed to conduct L4 formation self-driving tests on the open roads in Guangzhou. This provides strong support for Ma Zhixing to further carry out large-scale commodity formation autopilot transport business.

According to reports, the formation of self-driving trucks in Xiaoma Zhixing is in the form of "1mm N", that is, it is led by a self-driving truck to lead a number of L4 self-driving trucks safely on the road. This time, a total of five self-driving trucks were granted formation driving test licenses. This "1mm N" formation autopilot form greatly reduces operating costs and improves transport efficiency. In addition, by eliminating the difference in braking time between front and rear vehicles and shortening the following distance, the front car can break the wind for the rear car, effectively reduce air resistance, thus reduce carbon emissions, achieve green travel, and improve road use efficiency at the same time. Alleviate road congestion and reduce traffic accidents.

In December 2020, Xiao Ma Zhixing won the first self-driving truck test license in Guangdong Province. On the basis of this test license, Horse Zhixing continues to polish and refine in technical research and development, system optimization and actual testing, fully meet a series of requirements such as self-driving ability, test plan and content needed to obtain the formation driving test license, so as to successfully obtain the formation driving test license.

At present, Xiaoma Zhixing has carried out trunk logistics and special line logistics freight exploration of self-driving trucks in many places in China, realizing truck autopilot in different roads, weather and other conditions. In June 2022, the self-driving truck of Xiaoma Zhihang was recognized by the Guangzhou mixed demonstration model catalogue and qualified for demonstration operation; in September 2023, Xiaoma Zhihang obtained the demonstration application notice of heavy truck in Beijing Intelligent Network Union Automobile Policy leading Zone, and its self-driving truck will work with Sinotrans to provide demonstration freight services in real scenes.

So far, Xiaoma Zhihang's self-driving truck test mileage has exceeded 3 million km, commercial operation mileage has exceeded 610000 km, and the total freight weight is nearly 40,000 tons.

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