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Photomator, Apple's macOS / iOS image editing tool, is updated in version 3.2 to edit HDR photos.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 23, Photomator (formerly Pixelmator Photo) is a popular image retouching app on Apple's macOS / iOS platform.

Earlier, the official blog announced that developers are providing HDR editing support for their Pixelmator Pro and Photomator. Developers have officially launched Photomator version 3.2 with full HDR support, but Pixelmator Pro has not yet been updated.

According to officials, Photomator 3.2 claims to provide a comprehensive HDR photo editing workflow that allows users to import, edit and export HDR photos (including RAW and ProRAW formats), and supports common functions such as AI magnification (Super Resolution), image stain repair (Repair), but cannot accurately adjust the brightness of the highlighted parts of the HDR.

In addition to full support for HDR, Photomator also introduces a "smart HDR" feature that allows users to convert SDR photos into HDR.

In general, taking pictures of clouds, the sun, or using iPhone in strong light conditions may not work well in SDR photos. But users can instantly convert SDR photos to HDR at the click of a button to bring them back to life. Users can edit and share all saved HDR data-just like any other HDR photo. noted that iOS 17 / macOS 14 is required to use Photomator, and that the software currently supports cross-platform use using either a subscription ($4.99 per month, currently about 36 yuan) or a buyout ($99.99, currently about 714 yuan).

Early users who bought out Pixelmator Photo on the iOS platform for $4.99 ( Note: about 36 yuan) can still use it, but it is not compatible with cross-platform, and if used on the macOS platform, they will have to pay an additional $39.99 (currently about 286 yuan). attached Photomator 3.2 file format is supported as follows:

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