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Google unlocks Bard AI's new skills: help you understand videos and provide relevant insights

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 23, according to Google's official updated Bard blog, the AI chat robot has added skills to watch and understand YouTube videos and provide users with video-related insights.

The contents of the translation Bard log are as follows:

We are taking the first step for Bard to understand YouTube video. For example, you are looking for a video on how to make an olive oil cake, and you can now ask how many eggs are required for the recipe mentioned in the first video.

We want to help users interact and understand YouTube videos more deeply, so we are extending the YouTube extension so that you can have a richer conversation with Bard.

Google continues to enrich its Bard chatbot skills on ChatGPT, Microsoft's Bing Chat, catching up with OpenAI, adding step-by-step explanations for solving mathematical equations last week, creating charts, and so on.

Google was also open to users of more ages last week:

Specific changes: Bard is now available in English to young users in most countries around the world. We have added age-appropriate protection, updated the beginner process for teenagers, and created an experience that helps users explore and learn through Bard. Want to learn more about generative AI and its features and limitations? Learn that the generative AI opens in a new window.

Why: we believe that Bard is a practical tool that can give teenagers a little more inspiration and motivation, add icing on the cake to their ideas, hobbies and plans, or help them understand specific topics quickly and well in a desirable way. Bard can help with life events from learning lessons and mastering concepts to applying for the first job or preparing to go to college for further study.

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