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Japan ispace launches miniature rover for the second lunar mission

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Shulou( Report-- November 23, Japanese commercial aerospace company ispace showed off a small rover (micro rover).

If all goes according to plan, the mini rover will be launched to the moon in the top module of the ispace Mission 2 lander in the winter of 2024.

▲ photo source: the ispace rover is 10.24in high, 12.4in wide, 21.26in long and weighs about 11 pounds (5kg). It is equipped with a front-facing high-definition camera to take pictures of it digging up the lunar soil with a shovel.

"ongoing mission operations are critical to the provision of lunar transportation and data services, so I am pleased to announce the progress we have made in the final design of the 'Mission 2' lander flight and mini rover," said Takeshi Takauchi, founder and CEO of ispace.

It is worth mentioning that ▲ Mission 2 Micro Rover launched its first lunar landing mission, the Hakuto-R lander, in December 2022, but it crashed in April this year while trying to land on the moon because the spacecraft's on-board computer miscalculated the height, as previously reported by

The concept map of ▲ HAKUTO-R landing on the moon actually, "Mission 2" is also based on the "Hakuto-R" lander, which weighs about 1000 kilograms at takeoff. Representative ispace said that the mission had learned the lessons of "Mission 1" and improved computer software.

The company named the lander "Resilience" in line with the company's motto "never give up lunar exploration." the "Mission 2" lander will deliver five payloads to the lunar surface.

In addition, ispace is developing Mission 3, which is scheduled to be launched in 2026. The mission will use a new and larger Apex 1.0 lunar lander with an estimated payload capacity of 500kg.

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"Japan's first commercial landing on the moon has failed, and ispace HAKUTO-R has made a" hard landing "on the lunar surface.

The reason for the failure of the first commercial lunar landing was announced: it was "induced" by a crater and the probe crashed due to an error in height calculation.

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