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The maximum capacity of SVIP10 cloud disk will be expanded to 30T in the new upgrade of Xunlei member Center.

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On November 23, Thunderbolt membership system was newly upgraded and new membership rights and interests were launched. in order to meet the deep-seated needs of users in download, storage and transmission, the grade growth system of Thunderbolt members makes members more valuable.

The Xunlei membership system takes the growth value as the grade standard, and the users of both members and super members can get daily growth value, and get 10 different levels of identity according to the accumulated growth value, and members can get corresponding rights and interests for each level. including functional and life welfare rights and interests.

This allows users to enjoy more growth rights and interests on the premise that the basic rights and interests of original members and super members remain unchanged. At present, the rights and interests of Xunlei super members include download privileges, cloud disk privileges, download privileges, experience privileges, game privileges, live broadcast privileges, identity privileges, NAS privileges and other eight privileges with a total of 49 rights and interests.

Take super members as an example, if you upgrade to SVIP10, you can enjoy up to 30T of cloud disk space, 180 days of file retention in the Recycle Bin, 300,000 file transfer certificates, etc., and their rights and interests are significantly higher than those of the old version.

The member center is newly upgraded, rights and benefits are richer.

The Xunlei member Center has also made a new revision in vision, designing different visual colors and avatar cards for 10 levels of SVIP, which are displayed in black iron, white iron, bronze, ruby, sapphire, purple, gold, helium, titanium and star diamond. Different levels of users have their own color system.

At the same time, each level above SVIP4, users will receive a grade gift package, in addition to coupons, will randomly distribute mysterious benefits, such as Thunderbolt members, joint members, cash red packets, Xunlei periphery and so on.

In addition to product rights and interests, Thunderbolt members are also more concerned about the needs of users' lives. Therefore, this system upgrade has set up a life and welfare zone in the member center, which will launch more affordable goods in conjunction with third parties around clothing, food, housing, transportation and other aspects, while users above SVIP7 can enjoy more preferential and comprehensive benefits.

Come to the new member center to check your membership level. Now Android users can log in to the member center to receive grade welfare package and member life benefits for free. Specific rules can be obtained by entering the member center. The actual exchange is subject to the actual display on the page. The new member center will soon be launched on iOS and PC. Please wait for it!

Users who want to have a better experience can enter the direct promotion SVIP10 activity in the member center. Participating in this activity will also receive benefits such as joint membership and 1 yuan to open a super member annual card.

Through the two paths of "continuous strengthening of internal rights and interests" and "external joint expansion", the new upgrade of Xunlei member Center hopes to make members enjoy great pleasure and fun in life and entertainment. In the future, under the framework of the member center, Thunderbolt members will continue to innovate in ecology, services and other aspects, and constantly improve the service quality of members, so that every user can enjoy super-value concessions and efficient services here.

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