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Alipay safety reminder: beware of "express scam", don't sweep, don't charge, don't do the task.

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Shulou( Report--

Every festival swindlers many, Alipay security center noticed, Recently there is a kind of holiday gifts, Double 11 coupon red envelope and other "Express scam" Is quietly popular, Receive unknown origin of express must be more than one eye, Do not randomly scan two-dimensional code red envelope, Be careful of fraud.

Alipay received feedback from users. Recently, many users have received express packages of "good gifts from heaven," some pretending to be "hairy crab" cards and other "delivery cards" sent by relatives and friends, some pretending to be users "feedback cards" sent by well-known brands, some pretending to be "gift cards" and "coupon red envelope cards" sent by e-commerce platforms or merchants. These packages often contain a beautifully printed card with an affectionate thank-you letter and a QR code inviting the recipient to scan the code to receive it.

The recently popular "express scam" is an upgrade of the "bill swiping scam". The above-mentioned fabricated offers are all foreshadowing. The lawbreakers obtain the user address information from the black ash production route and send express packages. The purpose is to guide the recipient to scan the QR code and enter the "fraud customer service dialog box." Under the encouragement of many "trusts," the recipient fills in personal information, participates in the "order swiping task," and loses money after falling into the trap step by step.

▲ The picture shows the recent common scam case 1: The hairy crab pick-up card scam is behind the bill swiping

Ms. Zhang received a courier, which is a "hairy crab delivery card." Ms. Zhang mistakenly thought it was sent by a friend, so she scanned the code and filled in the address information according to the requirements on the card. Then she was pulled into a Group chats by "customer service," followed by "customer service" to do the task of swiping orders. Finally, in order to withdraw cash, Ms. Zhang charged money for many times, but was removed from the Group chats.

Case 2: Platform or brand feedback red envelope to cheat "Double 11 chop hands"

Ms. Lin bought more online. After double 11, she received a strange express, which was a glass with a card attached saying "E-commerce platform gives back loyal users" and "scan code for free to receive triple gifts." She scanned the code and added "customer service," and the other party pulled her into Group chats, induced her to do single-swipe tasks to make money, and was kicked out of Group chats after many recharge.

Case 3: Shop upgrade scam to cheat merchants

Not only consumers, but also e-commerce operators may be routine. Ms. Yang, the person in charge of a platform merchant, received a strange express delivery, which was a small pillow with a "greeting card," saying that the platform gave back to the merchant, scanning the code can be upgraded to a high-end shop, and can also exchange the experience of opening a store with the platform operation tutor. Ms. Yang scanned the code into the group. Under the guidance of the "tutor," Ms. Yang "donated" 50,000 yuan to brush the store flow, but she did not receive any reward. Finally, she understood that she fell into the trap.

In this regard, Alipay Security Center reminds users:

● For express packages of unknown origin, multiple eyes are required. For inductive two-dimensional codes such as "scanning code and receiving gifts," personal information shall not be scanned, and no order swiping task shall be done without recharge;

● It is illegal to swipe the bill itself, and participating in the swiping activities organized by swindlers is not only illegal but also easy to be cheated;

● Be alert to strange Group chats, which may lure you into fraud traps;

● Forward to inform friends, understand and prevent scams.

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