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Red Devil 9 Pro series mobile phone launch BOE Q9 + full screen: brand "best in history" visual effect

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Pianke Saohuang 4100 eyes of clue delivery! November 23 news, in this afternoon's Red Devils 9 Pro series of new product launch, the Red Devils 9 Pro series of game phones officially unveiled, the machine will debut the fifth generation of off-screen super competitive comprehensive screen, claiming to be able to achieve the Red Devils "the best" visual effects.

According to reports, the machine will launch the Q9 + luminous material under the BOE screen, which can achieve the effects of brightness improvement, dark light optimization, color deviation correction and so on. In terms of screen size, the phone is equipped with a 6.8in AMOLED flexible straight screen, which accounts for 93.7% of the screen. The border on the left and right sides is 1.48mm, which officials call "extremely narrow four micro edges."

At the same time, this screen is said to realize the "double eye protection" ability of 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming + DC dimming in eye protection, and 960Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate and 2000Hz screen instantaneous touch sampling rate in touch control.

In terms of off-screen camera parameters, the machine is equipped with a 1600-megapixel front-facing off-screen camera and built-in under-screen portrait algorithm 4.0, which can improve detail resolution by 30%.

In addition, the Red Devils 9 Pro series industry debut custom RGB fan lighting effect, the new RGB game shoulder keys, retaining the Red Devils game mobile phone family design language.

For more information on the Red Devils 9 Pro series of game phones, will bring you later.

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