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Feiteng CPU helps Beijing Education Innovation accelerate large-scale Application

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Beijing, the capital, has always been an important testing field and weather vane for national education reform. In many primary and secondary schools, domestic CPU and operating systems have been applied on a large scale.

On December 21, the demonstration activity of Information Technology Teaching and Innovation Application in Primary and Middle School Education in an Autonomous and controllable Environment was successfully held in Cuiwei Primary School, Haidian District, Beijing. This event is jointly sponsored by the Professional Committee of Information Technology Education in Primary and Middle Schools of Beijing Society of Education, the Professional Committee of Educational Informatization of Beijing Society of Education, and the Beijing Educational equipment Industry Association. The two main forces of Xinchuang industry-Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd., Kirin Software Co., Ltd., fully support.

Education in the capital opens a new era of autonomy and control

In April 2022, the Ministry of Education officially issued the Information Technology Curriculum Standard for compulsory Education (2022 Edition), which separated information technology and its occupied class hours from the comprehensive practical activity curriculum, and more clearly highlighted the important value of "scientific and technological innovation". Among them, 25 times mentioned "independent and controllable", emphasizing the important and fundamental significance of "information technology curriculum" in promoting the self-control of scientific and technological innovation and safeguarding national security.

In response to the national independent and controllable policy and the requirements of the new curriculum standard of the Ministry of Education, Cuiwei Primary School in Haidian District of Beijing, Primary School affiliated to Renmin University of China, and Experimental Primary School in Haidian District of Beijing took the lead in promoting the practical application of domestic CPU and operating system in teaching.

Zhang Guoli, headmaster of Cuiwei Primary School, gave an opening speech.

Zhang Guoguo, principal of Cuiwei Primary School, said that the school has actively explored "supporting office management" and "implementing empowering courses", starting with "improving the construction of resources" and "developing and deepening information technology courses". To create a digital learning atmosphere and environment for "everywhere" creative products.

At the scene of the event, teacher representatives from three schools shared special topics around the teaching and research lessons of information technology in an autonomous and controllable environment, showing their respective teaching achievements and experience.

Yuan Jiaxin, a teacher in Cuiwei Primary School, shares the teaching cases of information technology.

In the information technology classroom of Xinchuang, which is built by Feiteng together with the ecological partner of industrial chain, based on Feiteng Tengrui D2000

As a teaching terminal, CPU's home-made computer provides students with a variety of teaching contents, such as the basis of information technology, the use of office software and primary programming. The computer with Feiteng CPU runs smoothly and stably, which strongly supports the development of normal teaching of office software, graphic design, programming and so on.

The Beijing education curriculum platform has also launched 12 teaching examples from 12 teachers from 3 schools at the same time, showing the regular teaching work of school teachers in an autonomous and controllable environment.

Wang Zhenqiang, director of the Information Technology Teaching and Research Department of Beijing Academy of Education, affirmed the achievements of the research course.

Wang Zhenqiang, director of the Information Technology Teaching and Research Office of the basic Education Teaching and Research Center of the Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences, highly recognized the information technology teaching achievements shared by teachers' representatives in an autonomous and controllable environment. He said: at present, creative work in the field of education has been widely carried out in education and teaching units in Beijing, and teachers and students have been able to take the initiative to carry out creative practice in the process of practical application and have made gratifying achievements. this is the greatest support and recognition for the work of educational innovation, and it is worth looking forward to the landing of more in-depth and comprehensive application in the field of education in the future.

Professor Xiong Zhang, Deputy Director of the Teaching guidance Committee of basic Education Technology (Information Technology, General Technology) of the Ministry of Education and head of the research group of compulsory education information technology curriculum standards, gave artificial intelligence technology examples to introduce the educational changes that will be brought about by the application of cutting-edge information technology. He believes that in order to promote the high-quality development of the education industry and build a solid digital education ecology, it is necessary to speed up the modernization of education around "active and advanced layout,"effectively responding to changing situations," and "striving to open up a new situation." we will promote the extensive application of the achievements of independent innovation of information technology in educational scenes, with a view to training, making good use of, and retaining talents for the party and the country.

Professor Xiong Zhang interprets the trend of high-quality development and digital construction of education

China Core Endowment Beijing Education Innovation "Speed up"

On the afternoon of the same day, leaders, guests and teachers' representatives went to the Xinchuang base of China Electronic Information Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as "China Electronics") to visit the site to observe and experience the achievements made by China Electronics Group around the independent innovation of digital technology, and expressed deep praise for the research and development and application of cutting-edge technologies produced throughout the country.

As the "national team" of CPU R & D and design and owned by China Electronics, Feiteng has always regarded the education industry as an important strategic direction, actively promoting the integration and development of innovation and digital transformation in the education industry. In the three fields of general education, higher education and vocational education, Feiteng CPU actively promotes the integration and development of innovation and digital transformation in the education industry, working with more than 500 ecological partners to support more than 800 teaching software. Feiteng has covered 26 provinces, landed in more than 510 schools, and carried out daily education and teaching activities in Beijing, Tianjin, Fujian, Hunan, Sichuan, Shandong, Jiangxi, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places. More than 100000 students have experienced the "core power" made in China.

Wang Ruibin, Deputy General Manager of Feiteng Company, introduced the progress of work related to Xinchuang in the education industry.

Wang Ruibin, deputy general manager of Feiteng Company, said in a media interview that the education industry provides a rich application scene for Xinchuang's work, especially for the adaptation of various independent controllable products. Beijing, as the "educational highland" of the country, will fully lead the information construction and development of the education industry. Feiteng actively provides a solid mathematical base for Beijing education, in addition to general education, in the field of higher education, Feiteng has jointly set up technology laboratories, localization adaptation centers, etc. with many universities, such as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Jiaotong University, etc., and provide educational development boards, training certification and other enabling platforms to promote the in-depth integration of industry, university and research.

"in the future, Feiteng will continue to cooperate with educational authorities at all levels in Beijing, give full play to its own advantages, introduce high-quality educational ecological resources, support schools to continue to produce and create excellent results, and contribute to the high-quality development of education in Beijing." Wang Ruibin said.

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