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Yao Dong, vice president of Jinshan Office, and his party visited Wu Zhi Yuan to carry out exchange activities.

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On November 22, Yao Dong, vice president of Jinshan Office, and his party visited Wuhan Institute of artificial Intelligence (hereinafter referred to as "Wu Zhiyuan") for exchanges and cooperation. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the development and application of artificial intelligence technology, personnel training, industrial development and other aspects.

In the science and technology exhibition hall of Wu Zhi Yuan, Jinshan Group and his party learned in detail the application of the full-mode large model of "Zidong Taichu" in many fields, such as intelligent manufacturing, wisdom, intelligent city, intelligent education, and so on. and interact with the multi-modal virtual digital human "Xiaochu" to experience the generation ability of "Xiaochu" in pictures, text, sound and other multi-modes.

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At the forum, President Wang Jinqiao extended a warm welcome to Vice President Yao Dong and his entourage and introduced the development of Wu Zhiyuan. He said that Wu Zhi Yuan is making every effort to build the intelligent base of digital economy in Hubei Province, deeply integrate industry scenes, accelerate the application of large models to enable thousands of industries, and at the same time devote themselves to building an artificial intelligence ecological industrial chain.

President Wang said that he looks forward to cooperating with Jinshan Group in the field of artificial intelligence in the future to build a platform for personnel training, technological innovation and business incubation, and work together to promote the high-quality development of regional artificial intelligence and digital economy industry.

Yao Dong, vice president of Jinshan Office, said that in the face of the technological changes brought about by generative artificial intelligence and large language models, Jinshan Office will give full play to the advantages of digital office platform and actively promote the digital transformation and upgrading of organizations of all sizes. Hope to promote the landing of new artificial intelligence technologies at the core business application level through in-depth cooperation with Wu Zhiyuan in the field of large models.

During the discussion, the person in charge of relevant technologies of Wu Zhi Yuan introduced in detail the latest research achievements in algorithm optimization, model training and so on, as well as how to apply these technologies to practical problem solving. Members of Jinshan Group shared their practical experience and achievements in the field of artificial intelligence applications. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on issues such as the commercial application of artificial intelligence technology and personnel training.

The exchange activities not only enhanced the understanding and friendship between the two sides, but also laid a solid foundation for cooperation between the two sides. In the future, Wu Zhiyuan will give further play to the innovative leading role of the big model of "Zidong Taicu" and, together with other partners, promote cooperation and development in the field of digitization and intelligence, and inject new impetus and vitality into the construction of the digital economy.

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