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Adobe acquires, an AI video company, and the field of text-generated video is heating up again

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 23, according to Interface News, Adobe confirmed that it has acquired, a start-up specializing in AI video creation. This is Adobe's first acquisition of AI and its first acquisition of an Indian start-up., headquartered in Bangalore, India, uses AI technology to combine text scripts and user avatars into videos with user images for a variety of business uses, such as marketing, customer communication, holiday greetings and so on. Before it was acquired by Adobe, had already received an investment of $13.9 million ( Note: currently about 99.524 million yuan).

The tide of AI generating content is expanding from text and pictures to more complex forms such as video. Recently, a number of related products and technology breakthroughs have emerged, such as Meta's Emu model, Runway's Gen-2 model and so on, which can realize the function of generating video content based on text. The emergence of these products and technologies shows that the track of AI video creation is heating up.

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