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The new trailer for the first 3D theatrical animated film of "Crayon Xiaoxin" will be released in the mainland tomorrow.

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, "Crayon Xiaoxin" the first 3D theater version of the animated film-"Crayon Xiaoxin: a new dimension!" The new trailer for "Super Power Battle" will be released in the mainland on November 25.

The film was released in Japan on August 4 and premiered in China on November 18 in Beijing, with a Douban rating of 8.1. The film is imported by China Film Group Corporation and issued and translated by China Film Co., Ltd.

Brief introduction to the drama attached to

The story tells the story of Nustradamus, who lives in the neighboring town of Nostradamus, leaving a prophecy: "in the year 20 and 23, two rays of light will fall from the sky." one is the light of darkness, the other is a small white light. Soon, the light of darkness will have great power, disrupt peace and bring great chaos to the world. "

Then in the summer of 2023, two beams of light approached from the universe. Shinosuke, who was waiting for dinner, was hit by a white light, and his body was full of incredible strength. "ass. Ass is warm." If you use your force, the toy will float in the air! This is the moment when Shinosuke was born.

On the other hand, the name of the man who is bathed in the black light and becomes the guardian of the dark is Fei Gunchong. His part-time job was not smooth, his idol was married, and he was even mistaken for a riot and chased by the police. He vowed to take revenge on the world because of his strength.

The new assistant of VS, who hopes the world will be destroyed. The superpower battle is about to begin! This summer, my chest and buttocks became warm in the face of the glow of desperate Shinsuke.

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