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Meta Quest 3-head display users receive a 6-month Plus game service and need to receive it through their mobile App.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 24, Meta previously gave away a six-month free Meta Quest Plus subscription service to users who bought 512GB Meta Quest 3.

At present, Meta has extended this benefit to all Meta Quest 3 users, and even those who have purchased the 128GB version can currently receive a $47.94 Plus subscription service for a total of six months.

▲ source Note: users with Meta Quest Plus services can add two free VR games to the library every month. If users choose to unsubscribe, they will not be able to play these games, similar to Sony's PS Plus and Microsoft's former gold membership service.

If you need to receive a free Plus service, you need to install the Meta Quest application on your phone and enter Meta Quest Plus in the search bar to get a free member in the relevant page (you need to bind the payment method).

▲ source Reddit users who have previously tried an one-month free Plus subscription service can still receive a six-month free membership, while Meta Quest 2 users can only get an one-month free Plus subscription service.

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