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Apple iOS photo app ProCamera is limited and free, and supports iPhone 15 Pro to record ProRes Log videos.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 24 (Xinhua)-- ProCamera, a professional camera app on Apple's iOS platform, claims to be selected by the New York Times and National Geographic. The app is currently limited and free in the country, and the standard features are available for free. The price in the United States is still $9.99 ( Note: currently about 71 yuan).

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According to officials, the standard functions of ProCamera in taking pictures are as follows:

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes

Independent focus and exposure control

Manual focus that supports peak focus

Exposure compensation with zebra crossing indication

Portrait mode that provides out-of-focus effects (including depth-of-field preview)

Support for RAW, TIFF, JPEG and HEIF

ProRAW shooting and editing (iPhone 12 Pro and later)

Manual white balance (color temperature and hue)

Selfie timer and automatic shutter controller

Selfie mode with flash on display screen

AIS anti-shake on / off

EXIF / metadata Viewer

Real-time histogram

Fast continuous shooting mode

Apple Watch remote control

QR code and bar code scanning

Fully integrated iCloud

Grey card calibration

Light box

3D inclinometer

In terms of video, the standard features of the app are as follows:

Using Log mode to record content in Apple ProRes format on iPhone 15 Pro series mobile phones

Record video directly to an external USB-C drive

Support iPhone 15 Pro series mobile phone "operation button" quick call

HD and UHD 4K video shooting (from 24 fps to HFR)

Manual control: exposure, focus, white balance

Continuous focus on / off during video shooting

High bit rate recording

Support for H.265 (HEVC)

Audio tester

Stereo (iPhone XS and later)

Support for Bluetooth / Lightning / USB microphones (Apple AirPods, Shure MV88, MV88+, etc.)

Dolby horizon HDR video shooting: up to 30 fps;iPhone 12 Pro (Max) up to 60 fps on iPhone 12 (mini)

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