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Prospect of storage market: the significant growth of DDR5 demand and the rise of AI make mobile phone memory enter the era of 20GB

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Shulou( Report--, November 24 (Xinhua)-- DRAM and NAND flash prices rose across the board in the fourth quarter of 2023 and are expected to continue into the first quarter of next year, due to the gradual effect of reduced production by manufacturers and continued strong demand in specific application markets.

Jibang Consulting Analysis estimates that mobile DRAM contract prices are expected to rise by 13-18% in the fourth quarter of 2023, while eMMC and UFS NAND Flash contracts are expected to rise by about 10-15%, and the upward trend will continue into the first quarter of 2024.

Mobile DRAM: according to foreign technology media WccFtech, a significant change in mobile phones in 2024 is the rise of terminal AI, including various chipsets such as Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, Tianji 9300 and Exynos 2400, including AI elements.

To run these AI elements locally, you can't do without more memory. Part of the report released this month by translator Macquarie is as follows:

At present, typical smartphones are equipped with 8GB memory

The terminal side AI that runs the image generation function requires approximately 12GB memory for the mobile phone.

Devices with digital AI assistant functions require approximately 20GB memory

In the future, if consumers want to run the AI model locally on the mobile terminal, a large amount of memory is essential. At present, domestic mobile phone manufacturers continue to push up the memory capacity of mobile phones, including Xiaomi Redmi K60 Supreme Edition, one plus Ace 2 Pro, realme True self GT5, and some mobile phones have provided 24GB version.

DDR5 market demand significant growth industry experts predict that driven by falling prices and continued improvement in corporate returns, the demand in the DDR5 market will increase significantly.

As a high value-added DRAM, DDR5 continues to be favored by major manufacturers. Micron recently announced the launch of DDR5 memory based on 1 β technology at speeds up to 7200 MT/s, marking a shift to the data center and PC market.

Recently, Meguiar also introduced 5GB DDR32 RDIMM memory using 128Gb chip. The series has speeds of up to 8000 MT/s and is suitable for servers and workstations. These series use Meguiar's 1 β technology, which can increase energy efficiency by 24% and reduce latency by 16%. In addition, Micron plans to launch models with speeds of 4800 MT/s, 5600 MT/s and 6400 MT/s in 2024 and 8000 MT/s in the future.

Samsung, it is reported that will expand the DDR5 production line. Given the high value of DDR5 and its adoption in the PC and server markets, this year is considered "a year of large-scale adoption of DDR5".

Improving the supply of HBM is similar to DDR5, and HBM has attracted much attention as a high value-added DRAM this year. Driven by the trend of artificial intelligence, the demand in the HBM market has surged, and suppliers continue to expand their production capacity.

The latest reports say Samsung Electronics spent 10.5 billion won to acquire some of Samsung display's factories and equipment in Cheonan, South Korea, to expand HBM production capacity. Samsung Electronics also plans to invest another 700 billion to 1 trillion won in new packaging lines.

Meguiar is also actively preparing for HBM production and opened a new factory in Taichung on November 6. Meguiar said the new facility will integrate advanced testing and packaging functions and will focus on mass production of HBM3E and other products. The expansion is designed to meet the growing needs of applications such as artificial intelligence, data centers, edge computing, and cloud services.

Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra revealed that the company plans to start shipping large quantities of HBM3E in early 2024. Meguiar's HBM3E technology is currently being certified by NVIDIA. The initial HBM3E product will be designed with a 8-Hi stack with a capacity of 24GB and a bandwidth exceeding 1.2TB / s.

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