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Microsoft's Win11 cumulative update this month has basically fixed the AMD configuration file reset problem.

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, according to foreign science and technology media Windows Latest reports, contact a number of previously affected AMD users, feedback upgrade version 23.10.2 or higher Adrenalin software, and the installation of November cumulative update KB5032190, has basically fixed the profile reset problem.

Microsoft launched the November cumulative update (KB5032190) for 22H2 and 23H2 to Windows 11 stable users this month, and the OS build number increased to 22621.2715 and 22631.2715 after the update. previously reported that after AMD users installed the Win11 system to update KB5031354 in October, they found that the configuration file was reset every time the computer was rebooted.

This means that there is a conflict between Win11 and AMD, which prevents the system from saving the AMD configuration file.

The media received feedback from users, and although most users said they had fixed the problem, some users still reported that the problem still existed.

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