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Science and technology last night this morning 1222: Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro champion mobile phone release, 4599 yuan; Xiaomi ZMI was sued by Zimi zime and "huge claims"; Express first batch of pilot 9 provinces and cities "second morning arrival", as

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Hello, everyone. It is Friday, December 22, 2023. Today's important technological information is as follows:

1. Xiaomi ZMI was sued by Zimi zime and had a "huge claim". The person in charge of Coolability Section said that CUKTECH Coolability Marketing / Design Director @ Cool Section _ Eric_CUKTECH posted on Weibo on the evening of December 20 that a certain subject (zime) in Shenzhen had filed a lawsuit and claimed huge claims against Jiangsu Zimi Electronics (ZMI), which is already a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiaomi. > > View details

2, X platform (Twitter) service sudden global crash, users can not view timeline post X platform (former Twitter) at around 12:47 Beijing time sudden crash, it is reported that the crash affected X platform worldwide users, including PC Web and mobile platform clients, all users can not view the timeline, access profile cards, post posts. > > View details

3. China's first luxury car brand flash charging committee was established. Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Polar Star, Lutes and others were listed on the official account of "Fuyang release". On December 20, at the 2023 China Automobile charging Ecology Conference, the China Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance Flash charging Committee, China's first luxury car brand charging working platform organization, was officially established. Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Star Technology, Lutes Technology and Lightning Fast Energy Technology are the founding members of the Flash charging Committee. > > View details

5. The official rendering of Samsung Galaxy S24 phone has been exposed: purple, gray, yellow and black with equal width on four sides. According to the usual practice in previous years, the new Samsung S-series phones will be released in the spring. Now the official rendering of the Galaxy S24 standard model has been exposed.

The pictures shared by Android Headlines show that the Galaxy S24 standard version will be available in purple, gray, yellow and black, with the overall appearance unchanged from that of the previous generation, with a vertical three-camera arrangement. > > View details

6. Glory 90GT mobile phone release: equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 chip, the limited time discount is 2599 yuan. Glory 90GT mobile phone was released on the evening of December 21, equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 chip. the price of the new phone is as follows:

12+256GB limited time discount price is 2599 yuan.

The price of 16+256GB is 2899 yuan

The price of 16+512GB is 3199 yuan

The price of 24GB+1TB is 3699 yuan > > View details

7, Express pilot nine provinces and cities, the earliest 8: 00 to Logistics announced on December 21, Express has now started the first batch of personal delivery limitation acceleration plan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other 9 provincial routes, as well as the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei major cities, users in Mini Program and App and other channels to place orders, can enjoy the "second morning delivery" experience. > > View details

8. It is reported that Starry Meizu plans to list in Hong Kong as early as the second quarter. According to Tencent News's "first line" report, Xinji Meizu Group is actively preparing for listing in Hong Kong. The company has contacted teams of investment banks and law firms and plans to list in Hong Kong as soon as the second quarter of 2024. > > View details

9. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: in 2024, a national conference on industry and information technology was held in Beijing to support the development of new energy vehicle power exchange mode and relax telecom market access. The meeting stressed the need to consolidate and enhance the leading position of advantageous industries in 2024. Speed up the extension of strong chain complement chain and enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry. We will support the development of the power exchange mode of new energy vehicles and do a good job in the pilot area of fully electrified vehicles in the public domain. Strengthen the normative guidance and quality supervision of the photovoltaic industry. Promote the high-end application of rare earths in aerospace, electronic information, new energy and other fields. > > View details

10. Glory mobile phone applies for "Rong Yao Hongyan" trademark: including satellite communications services, Magic6 series is expected to launch. According to blogger @ Digital chat Station on December 21, Glory Satellite Communications technology has landed, and the trademark is currently in the process of registration-"Honor Hongyan Satellite Communications". Glory, a set of commercial satellite communication technology, has invested a lot, and the Honor Magic6 series is carried in the first place. > > View details

11. The founder of Tianya said that it will restart next year, and will launch the official live broadcast and Tianya Divine Post Tianya founder Xing Ming, according to the plan, the official live broadcast will start after New Year's Day; on March 1 next year, when Tianya Community celebrates its 25th anniversary, Tianya platform will officially restart. Xing Ming also revealed that the official version of Tianya Divine paste will be launched after the platform is restarted, as one of the membership products to provide users with the real Tianya essence. After Tianya stopped visiting before, the business of major platform merchants peddling "Tianya Divine stickers" is booming, and it is rumored that some merchants earn more than ten thousand dollars a month by reselling Tianya Divine stickers. > > View details

12. Huawei Mate 60 Pro mobile phone is listed. China Telecom "Tiantong" satellite terminal arrives in Gansu earthquake-stricken area. According to "China Telecom Satellite" official account, China Telecom Satellite Corporation urgently dispatches antenna terminals, high-throughput portable stations and other equipment to arrange for special personnel to carry emergency equipment to help the disaster area. They arrived in Lanzhou on the morning of December 19. At the same time, satellite terminals in Beijing, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other surrounding areas are also ready for standby. Call in backup at any time. > > View details

13. Glory tablet 9 officially released: available 12.1inch "paper sense eye protection soft light fog screen", Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor, 1499 yuan in the evening of December 21 at the honor press conference, honor tablet 9 officially launched, featuring "Eye Protection re-Evolution". This tablet has three colors: "Mu Guang White", "Azure" and "Star Grey". The specific price information is as follows:

Glory tablet 98GB RAM + 128GB storage space: 1599 yuan, initial launch 1499 yuan

8GB RAM + 256GB storage space model: 1799 yuan for sale and 1699 yuan for IPO

12GB RAM + 256GB storage space: 1999 yuan

12GB RAM + 512GB storage space: 2199 yuan

Glory tablet 9 soft light version 8GB RAM + 256GB storage space: 1899 yuan, initial launch 1799 yuan

12GB RAM + 256GB storage space: 2099 yuan

The tablet uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor, fuselage thick 6.96mm, standard version weighs 555g, soft light version weighs 559g, and has eight surround speakers to support two-way human voice enhancement. > > View details

14, 4599 yuan, Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro champion mobile phone released: joint Lamborghini, 24GB + 1TB top in the evening of December 21 Xiaomi official live broadcast, Redmi K70 Pro champion mobile phone officially released, 24GB + 1TB top storage, the price is 4599 yuan (the original 24GB + 1TB initial price of 4399 yuan). The new machine uses the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 supercar Y logo design and combines with the SQUADRA CORSE shield logo to provide green and yellow colors for high recognition as a whole. > > View details

15. It is reported that Huawei Smart car will launch Hongmeng Zhihang independent stores, which is expected to reach 800 next year. According to 36 Krypton PowerOn, Huawei is building independent Hongmeng Zhihang stores for smart cars. It is expected that the number of new Hongmeng Zhihang stores will reach about 800 in 2024 and 1000 in 2025. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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