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Microsoft acknowledges that Win11 23H2 image installation will prevent the narrator from starting

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 24, Microsoft recently updated the Windows Health panel, admitting that there is a Narrator problem in the Win11 23H2 update.

Microsoft admits in the health panel that after a user installs Win11 Version 23H2 using physical media or a CD-ROM image (ISO), the narrator may not be able to start or be in an unresponsive state after opening it. learned from the health panel information that the problem is limited to the installation mode, and the Win10 / Win11 device upgrade through Windows Update will not encounter the above problems.

Microsoft is currently working on a solution and may later provide a new Win11 23H2 installation image to avoid a repeat of the problem.

Microsoft narrator is a simple screen reader developed by Microsoft and built into the Microsoft Windows operating system. This is part of the assistance tool and can help visually impaired users to facilitate the use of computers. It can read dialogs, windows, etc., of some basic applications.

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