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The modified steering wheel does not match the airbag. Tesla Automobile (Beijing) recalls 2 Model Xs.

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Shulou( Report--, November 24, according to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, a few days ago, Tesla Automobile (Beijing) Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products and the measures for the implementation of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products. From now on, a total of 2 imported Model X electric vehicles were recalled from July 7, 2023 to August 1, 2023. with reasons for recall:

The vehicles within the scope of this recall have been modified in the Tesla service center, and the new steering wheel is still equipped with the airbag of the original type of steering wheel, resulting in a mismatch between the airbag and the new steering wheel. When the vehicle collides, the protection performance of the airbag may be affected, which will increase the risk of injury to the driver in the accident.

Tesla Automobile (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will inspect the vehicles within the recall scope. If it is found that the airbag type does not match the steering wheel type, it will be replaced with the correct type of airbag free of charge to eliminate safety risks. Tesla Automobile (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will notify the relevant car owners by registered letter, SMS and other means to arrange the recall and maintenance.

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