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Wear Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series to enjoy convenience and efficiency when traveling in winter

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With the cold wave sweeping all over the country, many parts of the country have declared winter one after another. The cold weather not only makes it more inconvenient to travel, but also brings a lot of uncertainty to many people's exercise plans. Under such circumstances, many friends choose to wear smartwatches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series to urge themselves to achieve their sports goals.

Motivate exercise

As the saying goes, "winter exercise 39", in a cold environment, the body's metabolism will become faster, and the body will consume more calories during exercise, thus maximizing the effect of physical fitness. Whether it is braving the cold outdoor activities to challenge the limits of the body, or doing yoga equipment in the warm indoor jump exercises, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series can provide supervision and guidance. It supports real-time tracking of more than 100 training items, and can automatically identify healthy walking, running, cycling, swimming, elliptical training machines, rowing machines and dynamic fitness exercises in daily activities, covering most of the exercise categories.

On this basis, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series also carries innovative features such as personalized heart rate range and custom training to help users create a personalized exercise plan that is more suitable for them. During exercise, the personalized heart rate range can analyze the user's personal physical fitness and set appropriate fitness goals, choose the most suitable exercise rhythm, and maximize the efficiency of fat burning and high-intensity training. The custom training function allows users to set up and track personalized training programs, and flexibly customize their fitness progress by combining different kinds of cross-training.

In daily life, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series can also help users develop healthier living habits through powerful monitoring functions. The Samsung Bioactive sensor integrates optical heart rate sensor, electronic heart rate sensor and bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor to support the measurement of body composition index such as skeletal muscle weight, basic metabolism, body moisture and body fat rate, as well as health data such as heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure, helping users to better plan their exercise and life.

Help to make a living and travel

With the arrival of winter, short days and long nights lead to confusion in the rhythm of life, which in turn affects sleep from time to time. If you want to improve the symptoms of insomnia and poor sleep quality, we might as well use Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series of sleep monitoring and sleep health guidance functions. The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series supports monitoring sleep with smartphones during sleep and can generate personalized reports for users the next day. According to users' different sleep types and habits, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series will also provide targeted optimization suggestions through eight animal sleep symbols, so as to effectively improve sleep quality and save energy for the next day's work, study and life.

In addition, the practical functions of Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series can also make it more convenient to go out in winter. For example, we can remotely control the music and camera of our mobile phone by manipulating various applications of the watch, check text messages, schedules and reminders, and do not need to take out our phone in cold weather. We can intelligently control the watch to complete all kinds of affairs only through Bixby voice. Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series also supports NFC smart card function, which allows us to swipe our cards through watches when we take public transport and door restrictions in winter, making our travel more simple and convenient.

The weather is cold, keep warm. Quickly wear Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series to travel, start exercise!

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