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Yury, co-founder of ClickHouse and former vice president of Google, visited Hangzhou Jiuzhang arithmetic Company and the two sides established ecological cooperation.

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On October 31, Yury, co-founder of ClickHouse, visited Future Science and Technology City to communicate and promote cooperation with Ye Zhengsheng, founder of Jiuzhang arithmetic and Ni Demai, general manager of International.

Photo remarks: Ni Demai (left), Yury (center), Ye Zhengsheng (right)

ClickHouse is a real-time analytical database favored by developers. It has developed into a unicorn in the field of basic software since it was established two years ago. NineData, the core product of Jiuzhang arithmetic, is a leader in the field of database tools in China. Through this communication, ClickHouse will continue to increase its investment in ecological capacity and introduce Nine chapters arithmetic to become an official global partner of ClickHouse. NineData will provide data replication, SQL development and other capabilities to help developers use ClickHouse more easily and stably.

Tracy, head of ClickHouse China, and Cai Dongshi, chief product manager of Jiuzhang arithmetic, participated in the meeting. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of practical scenarios in which NineData helped ClikHouse complete data replication, and will develop in-depth cooperation in the ClickHouse Chinese community.

Yury, co-founder of ClickHouse, president of products and engineering, and former vice president of Google and Netflix, communicated with Jiuzhang arithmetic CEO Ye Zhengsheng on behalf of ClickHouse, aiming to strengthen cooperation between the two companies, enhance ClickHouse's ecological capacity building, and help developers make better use of ClickHouse.

Ye Zhengsheng, the arithmetic founder of Jiuzhang, has 20 years of experience in database ecological tool products, and is the first person to turn the database ecological tool system into a professional product in China. In the follow-up, NineData will quickly support the latest version of ClickHouse, adapt to ClickHouse Cloud, and make greater efforts to invest in the construction of ClickHouse community in China.

NineData provides enterprise-level SQL development capabilities, including database fortress machines, production change services, as well as fine-grained authority control, audit, desensitization of sensitive data and other functions. And integrate the large model AI technology, provide intelligent SQL writing, SQL optimization and database professional knowledge Q & A, which can help customers improve the efficiency of cooperation between DBA and technical team and ISV partners.

NineData's data replication capability can be applied to a variety of scenarios, including real-time synchronization from online database to data warehouse, database localization replacement, data cloud, data disaster recovery, etc. It supports real-time synchronization of 1000 km data, and replication performance exceeds 100000 TPS, leading the mainstream products in the market.

The founding team of NineData is composed of senior database experts from Aliyun, Huawei, IBM and other companies. NineData supports 60 mainstream data sources, such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Redis, MongoDB, Doris and so on.

At present, NineData has provided services to tens of thousands of developers, launched in large enterprises such as China Mobile, Volvo and Greentown Group, and established close cooperative relationships with Huawei Cloud, Aliyun, Tencent Cloud, Cloud, Mobile Cloud, AWS, Apache Doris, SelectDB and other platforms. The goal of NineData is to allow the free flow of data between various data sources in the enterprise, and to make the data management and R & D process more secure and efficient.

Conclusion: the cooperation between ClickHouse and Nine chapters arithmetic NineData will promote the development of its ecosystem, and NineData will better support ClickHouse database replication, SQL development and so on. This cooperation will bring more support and innovation to China's ClickHouse community, further promote community development, help developers make better use of ClickHouse, explore data value, and promote enterprise business development.

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