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The official website and services of the open source modeling software Blender crashed because of a "major DDoS attack".

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Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery! news on November 24, open source modeling software Blender has suffered serious DDoS attacks many times these days, which once led to the collapse of the official software website and some services.

In an announcement on Blender's website, Francesco Siddi, the company's chief operating officer, said the DDoS attack, which began on November 18, was quite large and was said to have more than 240 million fake requests against the company's servers at the same time.

Blender initially tried to shield the attack by blocking the IP of the DDoS source server, but the hackers quickly switched the IP to carry out a larger attack.

Four days after the DDoS incident, Blender transferred the main website to CloudFlare, but still could not completely solve the hacker DDoS problem, some of the website services were still unavailable, and users were once unable to access the site through "" and could only be accessed through "".

In addition, found that the identity or motive of the hacker is unknown and the relevant team has not issued a ransom demand in addition to the DDoS attack traffic diagram carried out by ▲ hackers on November 21 local time, found that Blender revealed that the identity or motive of the hackers was unknown.

Security company BleepingComputer said that the crash of Blender sites caused by hackers may force users to use third-party websites to find software through search engines, which may put them at risk of malware. In fact, users can still visit Steam, GitHub or Microsoft Store to download Blender software.

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