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Huawei is about to release a new 16-inch large-screen notebook! The Wisdom PC Family grows again

2024-02-27 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

For the current notebook market, the subdivision of large screen and thin book has become the hard demand of more and more consumers. After all, large screen means that more content can be displayed, which means a significant improvement in production efficiency. Of course, on the basis of a large screen, frivolity is also a top priority. To put it bluntly, consumers are in dire need of a "small size" portable lightweight book with a large screen, which sounds like a fantasy, but there are actually a lot of options, such as Huawei MateBook D16, which is the size of a traditional 15.6inch laptop thanks to the full screen design.

Now, the better news is that the new Huawei MateBook D16 will be available to consumers soon. On November 24, the official Weibo of Huawei Terminal released a warm-up poster for Huawei's new MateBook product, and announced that the new MateBook notebook will be officially released at the launch event of Smart S7 and Huawei on November 28.

In the poster, there is a product picture and name of the new MateBook D16, along with a copy of "connect imagination and show your skills". From the poster map, the new MateBook D16 continues the design style of the previous generation of products, guess is still using the 16:10 golden ratio screen, so that the screen can display more content vertically, very suitable for web browsing, photo browsing, picture editing and other scenes to maximize screen display. Second, the narrow frame of the comprehensive screen design, so that the MateBook D16 size is no longer so "huge", ultra-narrow frame also further improves the appearance and refinement of the notebook.

Another noteworthy point is that the MateBook D16 retains the independent digital keypad design, which is a hard need for financial personnel, engineers, programmers and other user groups, and will greatly improve office efficiency and office experience.

On the new MateBook D16 screen specifications, I believe there will be a significant upgrade, in fact, the previous generation of MateBook D16 screen is excellent enough: 1080p + full HD IPS anti-glare screen, 100sRGB% wide color gamut, German Rheinland hardware-grade low blue certification, as well as DC dimming without strobe technology, to achieve a two-way look and feel and eye protection. The new MateBook D 16 will obviously be upgraded again on the basis of the above, and as to which aspect it is, the suspense will be left to Huawei to reveal in person.

Another message worthy of our attention is the copy of "connection imagination", reminiscent of the selling point characteristics of the previous generation of products, the "connection" promoted by the new MateBook D16 can actually be divided into two aspects, one refers to stronger network connectivity and communication capabilities, and on the other hand may be stronger interconnection of multiple devices.

Obviously, the new MateBook D 16 will continue to be equipped with Huawei metamaterial antenna technology to further optimize and upgrade the network connection experience. For partners with strong demand for mobile work, this new MateBook D 16 is an inevitable choice. Another "connection" is the intelligent ability to interconnect across devices brought by Huawei HyperTerminal, which is also the old tradition of Huawei PC. Through revolutionary distributed technology, HyperTerminal has opened up the ecology of Windows PC and mobile devices, and different devices can be connected with laptops as soon as they are connected, and each device can become each other's functional modules and expand greater capabilities.

For example, the computer can call the phone's camera and call ability, while the phone can enjoy the computer's keyboard, mouse and other capabilities. With the help of "multi-screen collaboration", the tablet can even be used as the mirror screen, extended screen and shared screen of Huawei notebook, and the two screens of the two products are "integrated".

In other areas, including smart conferencing solutions for professionals, including the three major features of AI discerning eyes, AI sound effects, and smart voice, the new MateBook D 16 will obviously fully support it. Of course, there is no need to worry about performance. The previous generation of products was equipped with a 13-generation Intel ®Core ™standard pressure processor, with a maximum of i9-13900H processor, which can easily handle complex office scenarios such as data analysis, engineering drawing, code compilation, multitasking, and so on. What's more, there is the blessing of Super Turbo, through the identification of application scenarios, intelligent system optimization, so as to achieve lower power consumption, higher energy efficiency and higher fluency.

Conclusion: as one of the most innovative brands in the PC industry, Huawei has long persisted in replicating the innovation capability of the mobile phone field to the PC industry, adhering to the innovative concept of smart PC, allowing Huawei to release every PC product that is a popular style, and constantly creating the core product strength of Huawei PC, leading the rapid upgrading of the entire PC industry.

At present, the product line of Huawei MateBook family is already very rich, and there are a variety of products with different positions and prices to meet the needs of all kinds of people: the flagship of wisdom and aesthetics for business elites, the MateBook digital series for creative workers and heavy office workers, the accompanying productivity, a dual-use MateBook E series, and the MateBook D series for college youth and workplace newcomers.

According to the past practice, this brand-new MateBook D will usher in many upgrades, which is worthy of users' expectation.

In addition to the above revelations, what other surprises will Huawei bring? wait for the launch of Wisdom S7 and Huawei on November 28.

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