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Developer Sarafan Mobile was frozen $108878 by Apple's deleted account due to "fake App and malicious praise" from competitors.

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Thanks to netizens Baa Yang, soft media users 1520111 clue delivery!, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) Chilean photo app developer Sarafan Mobile recently posted on the X platform, claiming that its App was maliciously manipulated by competitors and was found to be in violation by Apple's risk control system.

It is reported that the Sarafan Mobile developer account has been deleted by Apple, and Apple has frozen the company's three-month revenue totaling $108878 ( Note: currently about 778000 yuan).

After inquiry, learned that a competitor has put on a fake App with the same app icon in App Store, but there are only advertisements in fake App. Competitors also placed advertisements on platforms such as Instagram to attract consumers to download fake App, and painted a lot of fake five-star praise for fake App and authentic App on iOS platform, resulting in the developer account of Sarafan Mobile behind the authentic App blocked by Apple.

Genuine application of ▲

At present, the founder of ▲ has hired a lawyer to file a pre-trial claim against Apple and expressed the hope that the matter will be resolved through friendly negotiation on the condition that Apple restore its developer account, unfreeze $108878 of frozen funds and give some financial compensation.

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