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This is how Meladelphia blockbusters should be made! Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 unlocks a new way to shoot

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Shulou( Report--

Although the cold wind has entered the early winter, but the pursuit of fashion friends still do not forget to show their own fashion style. From the autumn fire to the winter "Merad style" wear, firmly occupy the C position of the trend. When you walk out of the street with Meradan style, you can't help but use images to freeze beautiful moments, and then share them on social platforms to seize the fashion highlands. If you're worried about your photography skills, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, a phone with a powerful imaging system, is your best partner, and it can help you better create fashion blockbusters that keep up with the trend.

A person dressed in Meradan style, ready to go out to take pictures to show fashion, but worried about the inconvenience of taking selfies? Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 can solve the pain point in this area. It supports vertical interaction mode and can be placed on a flat surface without a bracket. A 3.4-inch smart outer screen with a large field of vision allows you to clearly preview the shooting effect on the outside screen. With these features, you can fold Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to the right angle, and then place it on the desktop, platform, ground and other positions, with external screen preview, gestures to take photos, free your hands and easily pose for a POSE selfie. At the same time, the imaging effect of the rear lens is better than that of the front lens, and the picture is more vivid and delicate.

If you are traveling with your friends, you can also shoot for your friends more perfectly through the double preview function of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. To put it simply, friends can synchronously see their own effects in the picture through the large field of vision intelligent external screen, so that they can adjust their expressions and movements at any time to complete the works that everyone is satisfied with, and greatly improve the production rate.

When it comes to film production, you may be worried that you won't be able to compose a picture or find an angle. Then, be sure to use the AI one-click and multi-beat function that comes with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. All you have to do is press the shutter and give the rest to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. It can automatically call wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle lens shooting, and with AI algorithm to generate a variety of different styles, different angles of pictures and videos for you to choose, I believe that there are always excellent works to your eyes.

The golden leaves are yellow and yellow, and the red maple flutters the scenery. The natural scenery of this season can also be perfectly integrated with the Meradan style. You might as well take the street view and the mountains and forests of the scenic spot as the background to shoot a more creative aesthetic blockbuster. Through the vertical free shooting of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, you can get a more creative angle. For example, put the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 on the ground, take a low-angle shot, take the fallen leaves as the foreground, and photograph your back, making the photo more artistic. Or, put the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 in a higher position, overlooking the state of your walking, showing your leisure time in the winter afternoon.

Sunny in early winter, sunset at night, in which the unique scenery is the most suitable for recording Vlog. Holding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, you can shoot a video full of Meradan style. You can shoot all kinds of winter scenery like a hand-held DV. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is equipped with super anti-shake function, which can greatly reduce the picture jitter and blur, so that you can use the mirror calmly and make beautiful blockbusters.

After some operation, exquisite Meladay photos and videos were finally released. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 can also make their visual effect better! In the album "edit" function, support the "focus color" setting, for the local color of the photo, play a sense of fashion. You can show the colors of clothes and leaves in bright colors to make the picture more layered and highlight the characteristics of Meradan style. If it is not enough, you can add all kinds of image modification software to the outer screen without expanding the inner screen. Swiping and clicking in the outer screen can more quickly add filters, effects, graffiti, etc., to your personal style.

With its free and flexible shooting methods and rich and diverse imaging functions, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 helps you easily get high-quality Maillard style blockbusters, showing your unique charm. This winter, use Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to make yourself fashionable!

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