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The double 12 event on Taobao was cancelled this year and changed to "year-end good Price Festival": the news said it was over 200-30 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, Taobao merchant service hall showed that this year's double 12 event was cancelled, changed to a platform event "Taobao year-end good Price Festival", is expected to start attracting investment at the end of November.

According to the blogger @ Xingdou shopkeeper, the "Taobao year-end good Price Festival" runs from December 8 to 12, with a discount of 200-30 yuan (Taobao Tmall Unicom). At present, the official has not announced the specific method and time of play, will continue to follow up.

As a reference, last year Taobao double 12 cross-store full reduced to: Taobao full 200-30 yuan, Tmall full 300-40 yuan.

Cross-store discount can be superimposed with category shopping coupons, Tmall shopping coupons, Tmall supermarket cards, supermarket Yintai cards, Alipay red envelopes, cash red envelopes, Ji Fenbao, single product coupons, store coupons, etc.

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