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Jinshan Office launches a new version of WPS Office to add a number of convenient features

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A few days ago, the WPS Office under Jinshan Office launched a new version, and the new version of WPS has made more improvements in improving work efficiency.

It is understood that the update of WPS mainly includes new components, new vision, new capabilities and some improvements to the user experience. For example, WPS has added EndNote, Zotero, Mathtype and other treasure plug-ins for writing papers to further improve the compatibility of text plug-ins; in the table function, it has added a table column superimposed freeze, which can be freely superimposed and frozen, so that the data can be compared at a glance. In addition, WPS also adds PDF scanned part editing, which can automatically identify editable text and change the recognized text wherever you want.

The new version of WPS Office undoubtedly provides users with more choices and better experience, helps workers to work efficiently, and further endows the new scene of smart office. Not only that, the new version of WPS will also bring more intelligent experience to users. WPS AI, the first artificial intelligence office application with large language modeling ability in the office field, has also officially launched a public test. Windows users only need to upgrade the computer-side software version, or download a new WPS Office directly to feel the new experience of intelligent office.

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