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Jinshan Office implements data life cycle security control measures to ensure user information security in an all-round way.

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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the application risk of artificial intelligence large model has become increasingly prominent, and user information security can not be effectively guaranteed. Jinshan Office pays close attention to this problem, adheres to the protection of user information security as the core starting point, and implements data security control measures throughout the life cycle.

On November 8, Wuzhen, Zhejiang held a forum on "AI Security Application" and "Global artificial Intelligence Governance Initiative". Yao Dong, vice president of Jinshan Office, shared the management and control measures of Jinshan Office in terms of information security. Yao Dong shows three levels of organization and management, technology and data security tools, and how Jinshan Office implements lifecycle data security management measures to ensure data security in the model training process and post-launch reasoning services.

Organization and management: Jinshan Office adheres to the principle of data neutrality, constructs a top-down data security organization through the traction of the management system, and roots data security in the enterprise. from corporate strategy, organizational culture, risk management to supply chain and ecology, establish a comprehensive compliance, transparent and stable internal control mechanism.

Technical level: Jinshan Office uses advanced data encryption technology, combined with in-depth defense ideas to build seven layers of defense to ensure data security, and cover the whole life cycle of the data.

Data security tools: Jinshan Office uses data security tools to ensure the security of data use and processing, so as to find and solve problems in a timely manner.

In addition, Yao Dong also shared that Jinshan Office has always made the security protection of user business and data the highest priority. The company cooperates with Chengdu Tiantou Group, Institute of Cyber Science and Cyberspace of Tsinghua University and other institutions and enterprises to co-host the "Tianfu Cup" 2023 International Network Security Competition, which is the most well-known and influential network security event in China. the aim is to promote the development of cutting-edge technology of network security. The Kingsoft Office Security Technical team provides technical support and security during the event, and sets up a bonus pool of 10 million yuan to attract contestants to compete in security equipment, office category, cloud services, mobile, operating system, browser and virtualization. Liu Zhenquan, head of Jinshan office security, said: "through this competition, we will turn the relevant security technologies and ideas into a stronger defense force, and then improve the overall business security of Jinshan office."

Jinshan Office calls for the joint efforts of all parties to meet these challenges and promote the sustainable development of artificial intelligence technology by strengthening cooperation, sharing technical resources and building security consensus.

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