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Hongqi Automobile has developed the first fully automatic simulation tool for suspension KampterC in China, and the efficiency has been improved by 500%.

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Shulou( Report--, November 24, according to FAW Hongqi official news, the chassis Development Department of the New Energy Development Institute of Hongqi Research and Development Institute ushered in new achievements in the research and development of the first fully automated suspension simulation tool-"Kendc Auto", which claims to improve simulation and development efficiency by 500%. note: suspension Kraft C characteristics refer to suspension kinematics characteristics (Kinematic) and elastic kinematics characteristics (Compliance), which are affected by suspension hard points and elastic parts, and play a decisive role in vehicle maneuverability, stability and ride comfort. In the process of dynamic performance development, the design and optimization of Kraft C characteristics of suspension is very important, which involves hundreds or even thousands of rounds of simulation calculation.

According to reports, in order to solve the pain points of time-consuming and error-prone manual simulation calculation of Kendc, the dynamics development team independently developed the automatic simulation tool of Kendc Auto, which realized the simulation of Kendc characteristics and the completion of one-click processing, and fundamentally solved the pain points of Kappa C performance development.

The Kendc Auto tool consists of three functional modules: simulation, result processing and report output, which can support the whole process of performance development.

One-click simulation to improve efficiency

In the automatic simulation module, more than 10 typical operating conditions of Krunc can be simulated. Through the mapping technology of the operating condition simulation setting program, the standardization of the simulation of Krunc characteristics is ensured. At the same time, based on the developed Matlab and ADAMS toolchain, combined with batch processing technology, the one-click simulation of the characteristics of all operating conditions is realized.

Speed up parsing and rapid processing

In the automatic post-processing module, based on the program architecture and algorithm optimization, the data parsing path is improved, and the difficulty of slow parsing speed of res simulation results files is solved, and the parsing rate of res files is increased by 80%. At the same time, combined with the processing method research and program development of more than 70 key performance indicators, the simulation post-processing time is reduced from 4 hours to 1min, which greatly improves the data processing efficiency.

Intelligent analysis, that is, imitation and instant use.

In the automatic output module of Kendc Auto report, based on the calibration database and big data analysis, the automatic target setting function is developed, which can automatically set the target based on vehicle basic information and performance positioning. Combined with the report automatic output function, various formats of Krunc simulation report files can be generated, which realizes instant use and real-time output of the report, and further reduces the workload of performance development. The development efficiency is improved.

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