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Volkswagen China has announced that it will develop an electric vehicle platform for the entry-level market and launch it to the market within three years.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 24, Volkswagen China announced today through its official Weibo that it will launch an electric vehicle platform aimed at the entry-level market within three years.

According to reports, the new platform is derived from the group's MEB platform and aims to further develop China's market segments. As Volkswagen's largest R & D center outside its headquarters in Germany, Volkswagen (China) Technology Co., Ltd. will focus on the research and development of Intelligent Networked vehicles, focusing on the efficient product development process and the application of cutting-edge technology. it claims to be able to shorten the market cycle of cars and parts products to 30%.

Starting from 2026, Volkswagen China will use the platform as the basis to develop pure electric models that are "tailored" to the needs of Chinese customers, with a development cycle that can be shortened by about 1 percent compared with Volkswagen Group's previous platform development cycle.

Volkswagen China also said it would pursue "full localization" in both development and procurement, adopting battery, electric drive and motor solutions for the Chinese market. Through cooperation with Xiaopeng Automobile, the Group's product portfolio in China has been expanded to the heavy vehicle market, and the product lineup will be further expanded to the entry level in the future. previously reported that during the Munich auto show in September, Volkswagen announced plans to shorten the development cycle of new cars from 54 months to 36 months to keep up with the faster development of Chinese competitors.

The upcoming Volkswagen ID.2 is one of three pilot models that will take a shorter 36-month development cycle, Volkswagen Technical Director Kegurnitz said at the Munich auto show. The first design sketch of the car was completed in December last year, and Volkswagen hopes to put it on the market by the end of 2025. "you can see from the Chinese competitors that this is feasible," Grunitz said. "We have specific ideas on how to do this."

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