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Pau Gasol broadcast the first show live, listening to the legendary Lakers star talk about NBA on November 26.

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"Hello, brothers!" The official @ NBA account recently posted an invitation from Pau Gasol. The legendary Lakers star and Kobe Bryant's perfect partner greeted fans in Chinese and announced that the first live show of Kuaishou will be launched at 10:00 on November 26. In the live broadcast, he will share the youth history of NBA's career, talk about his personal situation and future plans, comment on the performance of new stars and predict the pattern of the alliance.

Since the opening of the NBA 2023-24 season, potential stars have emerged, the league is invincible, and the basketball arena has made a comeback. As the official NBA short video platform and NBA video content creation community, Kuaishou will broadcast live events for long-term landing stars this season in order to enrich the experience of fans. In the follow-up, there will be more NBA stars broadcasting in Kuaishou, accompany the brothers to witness the competition of the new season, unlock the anecdotes and anecdotes inside and outside the NBA stadium for fans, and work with you to regain warm-blooded memories of youth.

From the best rookie to the Hall of Fame, he established a great friendship with Kobe

In 2001, Pau Gasol, known as the "European genius", officially stepped into the NBA and became the first European player in NBA history to win the best rookie award in his first season. As the leader of the league's new generation of insiders, he made history again four years later, becoming the first Spanish player to be selected as an NBA all-Star. After more than 20 years of expedition to the West, Pau Gasol put an end to his NBA career with the honor of six all-Stars, four Best team and two championships.

At the same time, he is also the "king of Europe" of the FIBA world, one World Cup champion, three European Championship championships, two Olympic silver medals, one Olympic bronze medal. The Spanish team, led by Pau Gasol, has been regarded as as strong as the United States for a long time. Thanks to this, Gasol has also gained unparalleled international influence, and has served as FIBA Men's World Cup Ambassador, Women's Basketball World Cup Ambassador and Basketball World Cup Global Ambassador.

When it comes to the pinnacle of Pau Gasol's career, there is no doubt that he was playing side by side with Kobe Bryant. In 2008, Pau Gasol came to Bryant in a purple-and-gold jersey, helping the Lakers reach the Finals three times and winning the NBA championship for two years in a row. The cooperation of the two men is natural. As a natural axis of triangle attack, Pau Gasol passes or cuts or throws or fights on the court, forming a pick-and-roll with Bryant all over the world. As we all know, Zijin No. 24 is in pursuit of perfection in the game, and the Lakers may be the only one who can let him hand over power.

During this period, the two not only achieved each other's most glorious moment, but also established a friendship beyond basketball. Pau Gasol is willing to be pushed by Bryant: "Kobe Bryant is particularly hard on me, but I think it will make me better." Bryant is also looking forward to his best friend: "when Pau Gasol retires, his number will hang next to my jersey." As Bryant said, Pau Gasol reached a career milestone in 2023-not only was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, but the No. 16 jersey also retired in the Lakers, standing side by side with Bryant's jersey in the air.

Lianmai basketball ecological talent and players, in Kuaishou exclusive sharing of youth past

The years of friendship between Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant is not only an important part of the history of the Lakers, but also talked about by countless fans and become the youth memory of several generations. In order to rekindle the warm-blooded youth of the fans, with the popularity of the NBA 2023-24 season, Pau Gasol will open his own Kuaishou live debut. In his first in-depth conversation with Kuaishou, he will answer questions concerned by fans in the live studio and join hands with talented people and players in Kuaishou basketball ecology to take you back in the long river of history.

Time back to October 2021, Kuaishou and NBA China reached a multi-year strategic partnership, NBA and the team's official account as a whole settled in Kuaishou. In the first two seasons of cooperation with NBA, Kuaishou continued to interpret the rich connotation of "get started and watch interesting NBA" through copyright events, NBA content support, exclusive talent live broadcast, star live broadcast, original programs, exclusive variety shows, interactive answer questions and magic watch challenges, focusing on the game process and event hotspots.

As the protagonist of the NBA field, the star has always been the object of heated discussion among the audience. In order to meet the wishes of the vast number of fans and continue to help spread the content of the game, Kuaishou has launched a number of star live broadcasts. Scotty Barnes, Quentin Richardson, Nick Young, Allen Iverson, Siakam, Bradley Bill, Shaquille O'Neill have successively conducted exclusive live broadcasts in Kuaishou, reminding fans of their own NBA youth.

NBA stars have embraced short video live, Pau Gasol, who is keen to promote basketball culture, will not miss it. In the first show, does the collection of Kuaishou jerseys remind him of the green days when he fought side by side with Kobe Bryant? Will the quality content of the NBA creation camp evoke memories of him and Kobe Bryant? How does he evaluate the performance of the Chinese women's basketball team, who was once the ambassador of the Women's Basketball World Cup? As a Lakers star, is he optimistic that Zhan Mei will win the championship again? As an international player, what does he think of Wenban Yama's talent?

The questions that fans are concerned about will be answered in the studio. Go to Kuaishou search for "Gasol Kuaishou Live" or go to Kuaishou @ NBA's official account home page to book Gasol Kuaishou's first live show. At 10:00 on November 26th, let's relive that inspirational basketball life together in Pau Gasol's youth, participate in interaction and have the opportunity to draw a limited edition jersey. The opportunity is rare, maybe you are the lucky one!

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