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Li Bin, CEO of Xilai Automobile, said that there are plans for MPV models: based on the NT 3.0 platform, but not too soon.

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CEO Li Bin, founder and founder of, said that the third-generation NT 3.0 platform plans to have MPV models, "but not too soon."

The platform will use a new electronic and electrical architecture, three-electricity system, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving technology, as well as 800V high-voltage architecture, a new generation of electric drive, self-developed chips and other technologies.

The ▲ picture shows the new ES8 of Xilai. Li Bin also talked about the product planning of the Alps sub-brand: "do whatever car sells well and do what you sell well." As for urban NOP and NAD intelligent driving assistance, Li Bin said that according to the latest progress, the content of NOP + in urban areas is expected to be "more" by the end of this year than promised in September.

According to the report, Li Bin also defined the family-oriented model products: "comfortable and easy to use large space, refrigerator and color TV sofa."

According to previous reports from, Xilai revealed its follow-up product plans in April this year, when officials said it would not do MPV in the near future. In addition, Li Bin also said at the time that the future of electric cars will still be divided into high-end brands, mass market, entry-level, and so on. "it is impossible for a brand to have tens of thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of cars."

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