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Vivo blue heart thousand inquiry dedicated intelligent assistant APP is officially launched.

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On November 24, 2023, vivo Qianxun, vivo's exclusive intelligent assistant based on Blue Heart Model, was officially launched. Vivo Qianxun is launched in the form of public App, which not only further enriches the product ecology of vivo, but also demonstrates vivo's outstanding strength in the field of AI technology and its sincere attitude of openness and open source.

Vivo asks APP:AI 's personal assistant to stand by 24 / 7.

Vivo Qianxun is based on the Blue Heart model. As an all-weather intelligent assistant for users, vivo Qianxun covers the two core application scenarios of "AI conversation" and "AI inspiration". Under the "AI dialogue" module, vivo thousand inquiry supports the two functions of "super question and answer" and "super map creation". Users can carry out text question and answer, open question and answer or document-based question and answer through natural and smooth AI dialogue, so as to obtain information and knowledge efficiently. Whether writing poems, AI painting, writing lyrics, writing titles, vivo can be competent.

Vivo thousand inquiry "AI conversation" function highlight

Under the "AI inspiration" module, vivo Thousand Inquiry can provide functions such as social media copywriting, PPT outline generation, translation between Chinese and English texts, as well as interesting inspiration tools such as wearing suggestions. Inspiration Square is equipped with inspiration skill cards under different scenes, covering most of the creative scenes in work, study and life. Users only need to enter the corresponding card and enter the request, and vivo QQ will quickly generate the corresponding copy based on the card context, providing extensive inspiration support for users' work, study and life.

Vivo thousand inquiry "AI inspiration" function highlight

Vivo Qianxun's comprehensive and intelligent functions will greatly reduce the threshold for the use of artificial intelligence services and become a practical and easy-to-use personal assistant for users.

Lead the future AI smart life, more exciting and more look forward to

The launch of vivo Qianqian App marks another breakthrough for vivo in the field of AI intelligence. In line with the goal of bringing industry-leading intelligent experience to users, vivo will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, continue to promote the development and application of AI technology, and look forward to leading people to a more intelligent future and building AI intelligent technology ecology.

At present, vivo thousand inquiry App has been launched on the vivo App Store and iOS App Store, and more application markets have been launched one after another.

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